KTEP - El Paso, Texas


Werc is an artist who was born in Ciudad Juarez, and grew up in El Paso, TX. He began his career here on the border.

His love for the U.S./Mexico border can be seen in his mural “El Paso Port-All”, a 90x10 foot acrylic and mosaic piece exhibited at the entry of the Stanton Street International Bridge. His murals can be seen around southern California, and throughout the United States and Mexico. 

His studio-based works have been exhibited in numerous galleries and are part of the Cheech Marin Chicano Art Collection. Most recently, WERC was in town to add a mural to the Murals of Montecillo collection. His latest work can be seen off of Mesa/Montecillo on two towers made of shipping containers. 

Originally Broadcast on January 6, 2018