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Acclaimed Cuban bandleader, producer and arranger, Juan de Marcos talks about the legendary Afro-Cuban All Stars’ 25-city tour, including their first performance in El Paso.

Juan de Marcos & The Afro-Cuban All Stars
Sunday, March 3rd, 7:00PM
UTEP Magoffin Auditorium

Anne Doherty-Stephan, Chief of Interpretation, Education, & the Arts at the Chamizal National Memorial previews the 2013 Siglo de Oro Festival – the longest-running festival of its kind in the world.

38th Annual International Siglo de Oro Drama Festival
March 6-10, 2013
Chamizal National Memorial
800 S. San Marcial
(915) 532-7273 x124 or www.nps.gov/cham

Sue Taylor, Education Curator with the El Paso Museum of History goes over current and upcoming exhibitions and events.

El Paso Museum of History
510 N Santa Fe
(915) 351-3588

Centipedes.  Aired March 1, 2013.

Slow Times.  Aired Feb. 28, 2013.

Contrail.  Aired Feb. 27, 2013.

Groovy.  Aired Feb. 26, 2013.

Heliograph.  Aired Feb. 25, 2013.

Greg & Tom continue their conversation with Melanie Joy, founder & president of the Carnism Awareness & Action Network.  Carnism is an invisible belief system that blocks empathy over the eating of certain animals.  She talks about why the thought of eating a horse or a dog is often reprehensible to many of us who don't think twice about eating beef or pork.  She also talks about false projections that carnists may hold against vegans & vegetarians, but also about the false projections vegans & vegetarians may hold against each other.  Joy encourages all of us to live with the 4 "C's" - Curiosity, Compassion, Clarity, and Courage - and to interweave them into our lives to make us more compassionate creatures.  Aired Feb. 24, 2013.

In a rebroadcast from Nov. 3, 2012, Florence continues her virtual shopping trip with fitness & nutrition expert, Patrick Hopkins.  Today, they visit the popular central aisles of the grocery story.   Pasta, noodles, and quinoa can often be good choices when prepared with healthy veggies and fresh herbs.  Florence & Patrick also discuss whether there really is a difference between brown & white rice.  They also talk about whether canned meats or canned fruits should be in our shopping baskets, and what kind of chips & snacks we can enjoy without too much guilt.  Part 5 in a continuing series. www.builtbypatrick.com.   Aired Feb 23, 2013.

Mike Davis, whose pen name is Studio Dongo, talks about his near-future science fiction series, The Danglers that’s in the running for an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

Anessa Anchondo-Rivera previews the 1st Warrior Women’s Weekend Wall Workshop – a collaboration by women artists from El Paso, Juarez and New Mexico to create a massive one-block mural in South El Paso.

Information: (915) 694-3695

El Paso Community College Marketing Specialist, Jim Heiney gives an over of the annual Spring Arts Festival, including the Theater Department’s production of Godspell.

Information: www.epcc.edu/events/artsfestival 

Bill, Denise, and Norma talk about why chill hours are important for certain fruit trees to bloom and set fruit, and why chill hours are difficult to calculate in the El Paso region.  They also talk about what the Master Gardeners will be presenting to the public during the upcoming Home & Garden Expo at the downtown Convention Center, March 1-3.   Aired Feb. 23, 2013.

Louie talks with Dr. Yolanda Leyva, Chair of the UTEP Department of History.  Leyva talks about the Museo Urbano - a public history project which actively promotes the rich history of El Paso's Segundo Barrio.  The Museo Urbano recently received the 2013 Outstanding Public History Project Award for serving as a model for other communities. 

On Saturday, Feb. 23, 1-5 p.m., the public is invited to "The Mexican Revolution and Beyond: The History of South El Paso," a project in which historical photos are placed on the outsides of buildings to connect them with their histories.  The Farm Worker Center at 201 E. 9th Street (9th & Oregon) will be added to the project, and talks are scheduled about the history of farm workers in El Paso and about the Flores Magon brothers, political icons who helped spur the Mexican revolutionary movement.


Aired Feb. 22, 2013.

Bat Cuisine.  Aired Feb. 22, 2013.

Moonsize.  Aired Feb. 21, 2013.

Carp Word.  Aired Feb. 20, 2013.

Dog.  Aired Feb. 19, 2013.

Playas NM.  Aired Feb. 18, 2013.

In a rebroadcast from Oct. 27, 2012, Florence continues her virtual shopping trip with fitness & nutrition professional, Patrick Hopkins.  They talk about healthful choices in the bread, pasta, and rice aisles, and discuss what peanut butters and jellies or preserves would make great toppings.  They also talk about the high sugar content of many juices and sodas.  This interview is the 4th in a continuing series.  Aired Feb. 16, 2013.

Award-winning director and violinist, Kenji Williams talks about his creation of Bella Gaia – a “living atlas” multimedia collaboration with NASA.

Bella Gaia
Thursday, February 21 at 7pm
UTEP’s Magoffin Auditorium
(915) 747-5234

Choreographer, Myron Nadel and UTEP student and dance performer, Emma Butler discuss the presentation of Hit the Road Jack! – an innovative dance concert, a tribute to the renowned blues and soul of Ray Charles, and an exploration of relationships gone wrong, plus additional new works by UTEP Dance Faculty.

Hit The Road Jack!
UTEP’s Wise Family Theatre, 2nd Floor Fox Fine Arts
(915) 747-5118

Norma, Bill, and Denise talk about what we should be doing in our gardens & landscapes in February.  It's time to prepare our gardening beds for spring planting and to do our last-minute pruning.  Aired Feb. 16, 2013.

Cladogenesis.  Aired Feb. 15, 2013.

Valentine.  Aired Feb. 14, 2013.

Coyote & Roadrunner.  Aired Feb. 13, 2013.

Diphyodont.  Aired Feb. 12, 2013.

Bobcat.  Aired Feb. 11, 2013.

Greg & Tom talk with Melanie Joy, founder of the Carnism Awareness & Action Network, and author of "Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows."  Joy talks about carnism - the belief system that leads many of us to eat animals without a second thought to the cruelty and oppression behind the practice. She also explains why victims of carnism aren't just animals, but the people who eat them.  Part 1 of a 2-part interview.  www.carnism.com

Aired Feb 10, 2013.