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Kenith Meissner

Midshot from the waist up of Kenith Meissner, his head is facing forward and up. He has a wide smile, and he is wearing glasses and a dark suit with a white buttoned shirt and a red plaid tie. The office building for Engineering is set at the background with its title "College of Engineering" at The Univeristy of Texas at El Paso.
JR Hernandez
UTEP Communications
UTEP has named Kenith Meissner, Ph.D., as the new dean of the College of Engineering. He will begin his role on Aug. 3, 2022.

From being a curiosity-driven american boy in the Eagles boy-scouts troop #1 in Germany to become the Dean of the College of Engineering in the University of Texas at El Paso; Kenith Meissner joins Keith Pannell to talk about how life took him from Europe throughout the U.S in search of ‘a place to fit in’.

Dr. Meissner graduated from Lehigh University with a Bachelor Degree of Science in Electrical Engineering, later worked on a PhD in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona and then served as the Pro-Vice Chancellor/Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering in the University of Swansea amongst many other accomplishments before joining as a faculty member in The University of Texas at El Paso.

This interview originally aired on November 13, 2022.

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