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A woman prays at a makeshift memorial for shooting victims at the Cielo Vista Mall Walmart, in El Paso, Texas.
Mark Ralston
AFP/Getty Images
The court filing by attorney Justin Underwood details a troubling relationship between a victim's family and the DA's office.
  • Host Charles Horak welcomes filmmakers Jesús Nuñez and Raúl Hernández to discuss the Advanced Filmmaking Workshop that will take place between October 12 and 13.
  • Host Louie Saenz welcomes guests Amelia Rau, Adam Tirres, and actor Evan George Vourazeris of the series "Ozark," to discuss the Whole Hog Fundraiser's commitment to individuals with Down Syndrome.
  • One of the authors, Karen McManus, discusses with us on her journey and how the entire collection of novels has been attracting more from the audiences of mystery novels.
  • On this edition of El Paso Prime Time, Richard Dayoub welcomes back for the 3rd time, the Dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Texas at El Paso, Dr. James E. Payne.
  • The Humanities Collaborative at EPCC-UTEP, seeks to strengthen the path of humanities students at EPCC with increased academic, professional, and research options.
  • The goal of the Texas Culinary Institute is to empower and excite people in the kitchen, making cooking approachable and fun in a hands-on class.
Facebook profits from being frictionless, says Yaël Eisenstat. But without friction, misinformation can spread like wildfire. The solution, Yaël says, is to build more friction into social media.
Passengers posted photos of what appeared to be duct tape holding the wings together. It turns out the silvery adhesive is something known as speed tape, and it's perfectly safe for some repairs.