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WORDS ON A WIRE: Maria Maloney

Albert Einstein with Mileva Maric, 1912

  Daniel & Tim talk with Maria Miranda Maloney, founder of Mouthfeel Press ( and author of the collection of poems, "The Lost Letters of Mileva."  Mileva Maric was Albert Einstein's first wife, and was herself a physicist who gave up a life in science to dedicate to her husband and family.  Maloney explains how her husband's deployment to Iraq as well as a debilitating illness influenced the writings in the collection.   Maloney also explains why, even though she is the founder of an indie press, she refuses to publish her own works.

For today's Poetic License, Dayanna Sevilla sings the Cesar Vallejo poem "Heces."  The program concludes with Susana Baca's original musical interpretation of the poem.

Aired Jan 11, 2015.