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ACT Radio- Stacy Sutton Kerby

It is legal in Texas to leave dogs unattended by their owners without food, water, and adequate shelter under the health and safety codes. The law requires that an officer can only interfere after 24 hours waiting period and give a warning. On  ACT Radio, Liz, Tom, and Greg talk to Stacy Sutton Kerby, director of government relations for the Texas Humane Legislation Network, about animal cruelty and Breed-specific Legislation.  She also mentions how the Texas governor vetoed the Safety Outdoor Act. Sutton has worn several hats for THLN, including Volunteer Coordinator, Director of Operations, and Legislative Liaison, providing testimony and research on various issues, including puppy mills, private ownership of dangerous wild animals, greyhound racing, and reptile roundups. 

Originally aired July 25, 2021


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