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ACT RADIO - Yami Cazorla-Lancaster


Raising children can be challenging, but helping them develop healthy habits doesn’t have to be. On ACT Radio, Greg, Liz and Tom talk with pediatrician, author and podcast host Dr. Yami Cazorla-Lancaster about the most important nutrition and lifestyle habits that families can practice in order to raise healthy children.

Dr. Yami is a board-certified pediatrician, certified lifestyle medicine physician, certified health and wellness coach, author and speaker. As a passionate promoter of healthy lifestyles, “Dr. Yami” champions the power of plant-based diets for the prevention of chronic disease.

Dr. Yami is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a diplomate of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. She also holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition and is a certified Food for Life Instructor.

Originally aired on Sunday, December 26, 2021

Dr. Yami Cazorla-Lancaster is a pediatrician, author and podcast host that focuses on nutrition and lifestyle