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Kristy Guilbault

Out of earshot of our bosses, over reheated rice and beans, the NPR Music interns have our own conversations about the music we love. And when it came time for year-end lists, we thought we ought to have a bigger say.

So today, at the end of our time here at NPR, we shove our Tupperware aside in the name of interns' choice: our favorite music that came up again and again during lunch conversations and after-work happy hours.

As the co-founder of both the independent record label Double Double Whammy and the now-defunct band LVL UP, Mike Caridi has utilized The Glow as a side project for musical exploration since 2013. But now, the Brooklyn musician is shifting his focus and making his solo venture a priority, with a full-length solo album anticipated in 2019.

Winter can bear the heart of darkness, as it ushers in daylight saving's premature sunsets, brutal drops in temperature or, as Brooklyn-based quartet Bethlehem Steel bluntly puts it in a press release: "Post-tour depression, seasonal depression, depression depression."

In the self-care era, the pursuit of happiness ironically seems to be more elusive than ever. Is the secret to fulfillment landing your dream job? Face masks? More cowbell? The answer, according to And The Kids, is actually quite simple: "Life is a bastard, life wants to kill you, don't get old."

As Jonah Hill joined Saturday Night Live's famed Five-Timers Club on Nov. 3, musical guest Maggie Rogers made her SNL debut, sharing her viral folk-dance on the 8H stage and appearing equally as comfortable as Hill on it.

When visiting your hometown for the first time in a while, it's easy to simultaneously feel like a native and foreigner. The stilted smiles in family photos haven't changed, despite the thin layer of dust; however, you have. The surreal video for L.A. synth-pop trio ASHRR's single "Don't Wait Too Long" addresses the alienating power that memory and time have over a person's lifespan.

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Saxophonist Kamasi Washington's latest album, Heaven and Earth, is a whirlpool of the celes