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ACT RADIO: Nafsika Antypas

On this episode of ACT Greg, Liz and Tom talk with Nafsika Antypas about her new show on A&E titled "Plant-based by Nafsika". Nafsika is the host and creator of the world's first vegan life style TV series. She studied olive oil and the Mediterrean diet in Greece through her father's business, Pilaros Inc where she is the marketing director. She also founded a non profit called People Against Violence in 2014 and designed a personal safety app called uAlert.

"Plant-based by Nafsika" is the worlds first vegan lifestyle series that focuses on a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle. Her show can be seen on Wednesday mornings at 7:30AM on A&E's FYI Channel.




Aired May 28, 2017