KTEP - El Paso, Texas

August 23, 2013

Giuseppe Verdi: A Masked Ball
Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm

Royal Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Pier Giorgio Morandi, conductor

CAST:  Andrea Caré (Gustavo, King of Sweden); Emma Vetter (Amelia); Frederik Zetterström (Ankarström); Marianne Hellgren Staykov (Oscar); Susanne Resmark (Ulrica); Magnus Kyhle (Judge); Anton Eriksson (Christian); John Erik Eleby (Ribbing); Lennart Forsén (Horn)

The original version of A Masked Ball so offended Italian censors that Verdi picked up the whole story and moved it from it's original setting in Sweden, all the way to Boston!  For this presentation, the drama is back home again, at the Royal Opera in Stockholm, and set in the Swedish royal court, as the composer first intended.