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Heat Check: Songs That Let It All Out

Oct 7, 2019

Where FOMO and self-care has become commercialized to justify ridiculous purchases (please don't look at my Amazon Prime history), these songs of catharsis are just what you need to disconnect. Whether you're scorned, scathed and in the midst of plotting or just peacefully seeking a reset, these artists know the feeling.

As always, check out the Heat Check playlist in its entirety on Spotify.

Swsh, "How You Feel"

It's all fun and games until nerves are struck and perceptions get twisted. Don't try to flip the script on Swsh. The L.A. artist lays it out plainly: "You like that I got heart until you gotta empathize."


Mahalia, "What You Did (feat. Ella Mai)"

Ella Mai and Mahalia, two rising Brits known for their '90s-leaning girlhood odes, make sinister work this Rose Royce-sampling track. It almost strikes a "Bust Your Windows"-level of intensity, but is still coy enough to deny any culpability.


Siaira Shawn, "Wait For It"

Siaira Shawn prioritizes those fleeting moments in between relationship milestones where every experience is still new.


Grace Carter, "Wicked Game"

Carter's cover of Chris Isaak's 1989 wallow-fest teems with new life from a new perspective.


Wale, "On Chill (feat. Jeremih)"

Wale and Jeremih rarely miss when it comes to love songs. With "On Chill" specifically, their objective is to put a fight on pause and just enjoy the company of their partners. A modest plea, no?


The Pendletons, "Keep It Working (feat. Gizelle Smith)"

This jazzy, dancing-in-your-living-room romp can carry you through all the motions of necessary recharge. The soft vocals will pacify, the agile keys and percussion will rejuvenate.

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