KTEP - El Paso, Texas

A Message From KTEP's General Manager

Apr 3, 2020

It has now been over 4 months since our lives were turned upside down.  The pandemic has caused changes in the way we live that were unthinkable just months ago.   During that time, KTEP has received calls and emails from you--our listeners--asking about our well-being and when the next pledge drive will take place.  We are touched by your concern.  

We are also humbled that despite the hardships, many of you have stepped forth with your generosity by continuing to send in your pledges and monetary gifts.

In consultation with the staff, I have made the decision to conduct the KTEP Fall On-Air Pledge Drive.  Like so many other businesses, we will move this event 100% online.  We will miss not having our volunteers and guest hosts come into the station, but your safety and ours remains a priority.  Beginning on September 14, you will begin to hear promos asking for your pledges. 

Throughout this pandemic, the staff has not faltered in making sure that KTEP remained on the air providing you with the information you have come to expect…the programs that make up a part of your day.  I invite you to go our website:  ktep.org and visit our gift-giving page.  I am graciously asking that you come forward now and help make this pledge drive the most successful one in KTEP history.   As this pandemic has shown, there are heroes at every turn.

All it takes is one…you are that one.

You and yours…stay safe and well.

John R. Carrillo

KTEP Interim General Manager