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New Music Friday: Our Top 7 Albums Out July 26

Originally published on July 26, 2019 10:49 am

Spoon is back — with a greatest hits album. Leading off this week's New Music Friday, Everything Hits At Once is a band-curated alternative to algorithm-manufactured playlists, with a stellar new track ("No Bullets Spent') thrown in. Also included on this week's shortlist are Nigerian Afrobeat star Burna Boy's African Giant, a mind-blowing live recording of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's 1985 performance at WOMAD, YBN Cordae's sometimes nostalgic — but always playful — The Lost Boy, and more. NPR's Sidney Madden, Stephen Thompson, Anastasia Tsioulcas and Stefanie Fernández join host Robin Hilton as they share their picks for the best new albums out on July 26.

Featured Albums:

  1. Spoon: Everything Hits At Once
    Featured Song: "No Bullets Spent"
  2. YBN Cordae: The Lost Boy
    Featured Song: "Thanksgiving"
  3. Burna Boy: African Giant
    Featured Song: "Show and Tell"
  4. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Live at WOMAD, 1985
    Featured Song: "Allah Hu"
  5. Mikey Erg: Waxbuilt Castles
    Featured Songs: "Clueless Or Cruel?"
  6. Florist: Emily Alone
    Featured Song: "Celebration"
  7. Cuco: Para Mí
    Featured Song: "Keeping Tabs"

Other notable releases for July 26: Bill Ryder-Jones - Yawny Yawn; BJ the Chicago Kid - 1123; Of Monsters and Men - Fever Dream; Strange Ranger - Remembering the Rockets; Violent Femmes - Hotel Last Resort; Various: Original Broadway cast recording of Hadestown.

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