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Out of the Blue: 50 Years After the UT Tower Shooting

Credit University of Texas/Marsha Miller

Monday July 25th at 9am, join KTEP for a special edition of Texas Standard. In observance of the 50th anniversary of the University of Texas Tower shooting, Texas Standard is producing “Out of the Blue: 50 Years After the UT Tower Shooting.”

The broadcast features stories from survivors of the University of Texas Tower shooting on Aug. 1, 1966. Many of these eyewitness stories have not been shared publicly until now.

“Texas Standard” has collected nearly 100 exclusive, first-person accounts of the shootings to paint a much broader picture of the events that took place 50 years ago.

“We cast a wide net and wanted to hear from anyone with a story related to the tower shooting – whether they were on campus that day or not,” said Laura Rice, executive producer for “Out of the Blue.” “We spoke with some of the people most involved in the day’s events – including those who were injured and the Austin Police officers who helped put the shooting to an end. With some help from the Texas Exes we were also able to reach many people who we found were affected by the shooting in unexpected ways.”

The title, “Out of the Blue,” refers to the blue sky on Aug. 1, 1966 from whence the shots came down on campus, and to the fact that no one had expected or heard of a school shooting such as this before.