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See The Stunning Photos Of This Morning's 'Ring Of Fire' Solar Eclipse

Jun 10, 2021
Originally published on June 11, 2021 1:18 pm

An annular solar eclipse occurred Thursday morning. Some viewers across the globe saw the moon pass directly in front of the sun, creating a "ring of fire" effect in the morning sky.

Observers living in other areas would have only seen a partial solar eclipse, which makes the sun look like a glowing orange crescent.

If you didn't wake up early enough to see Thursday's solar eclipse yourself, photographers from the U.S. to Asia to Europe snapped images of the striking astronomical event.

: 6/11/21

A previous photo caption on this story incorrectly stated that students were viewing a lunar eclipse. In fact, it was a solar eclipse.

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The partially eclipsed sun beside Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square in London.
Frank Augstein / AP
Photographers stand on the Edge viewing deck as they watch a solar eclipse in New York City.
Ed Jones / AFP via Getty Images
In this image provided by NASA, a partial solar eclipse is seen as the sun rises behind the Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse in Lewes, Del.
Aubrey Gemignani / NASA via Getty Images
The sun is partially eclipsed as it sets over the horizon in Beijing.
Ng Han Guan / AP
Pupils, wearing protective glasses, look at the partial solar eclipse in Schiedam, Netherlands, on Thursday.
Marco de Swart / ANP/AFP via Getty Images