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WORDS ON A WIRE: Carmen Gimenez Smith


Carmen Giménez Smith is a writer, poet, and professor of Creative Writing at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces NM. She talks about how her writing style is conducive to her busy life as a professional and a mother of two. She also talks about how she blends her careers as a writer and teacher, and why she sometimes has to teach what she personally doesn’t like because it presents a teachable moment. 

Gimenez Smith also reads one of her poems for the Poem of the Week – “Photo of a Girl on a Beach” from the collection “Odalisque in Pieces.” 

Amit Ghosh, publisher of the literary journal BorderSenses, contributes to this week’s Poetic License, with a reflection on his struggle to break away from his culture’s expectation to be a doctor, engineer, scientist, or lawyer, and follow his passion as a writer. Originally Aired April 22, 2012.  Re-broadcast Oct. 28, 2012.