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WORDS ON A WIRE: Gabe Gomez (expanded)

Daniel & Ben talk with author Gabe Gomez, whose latest poetry collection is entitled "The Seed Bank."  Gomez talks about winning the Andres Montoya Poetry Prize for his first book, and how it coincided with his displacement from New Orleans after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.  Gomez also talks about the differences between his first collection and his latest, "The Seed Bank." In this online-only extended interview, Gomez talks about the poetry he wrote that was inspired by Katrina, and how the poems liberated him from his previously-held beliefs about poetry. www.gabegomez.com

For this week's Poem of the Week, Gabe Gomez reads "Clovis Culture" from his newest collection of poetry, "The Seed Bank."

Aired Jan. 6, 2013.