KTEP - El Paso, Texas


Poet Vera Pavlova
Credit verapavlova.us
Chiwan Choi
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   Daniel welcomes guest co-host Nancy Lechuga, a local poet, for a conversation with Juan Ochoa, author of the novel "Mariguano," a book set on the South Texas/Mexico border during the Reagan-era War on Drugs.  Juan talks about the similarities between his characters and his own experiences observing corruption and the drug trade on the border.  Juan also explains why he believes the Reagan-era policies led to the large drug organizations of today.  

For today's Poem of the Week, guest co-host Nancy Lechuga reads 3 short poems by the Russian poet, Vera Pavlova: "Am I Lovely? Of Course!", "He Marked the Page with a Match," and "I am in Love, Hence Free to Live."  http://verapavlova.us/

For this week's Poetic License, Los Angeles poet and literary event coordinator Jessica Ceballos has a conversation with writer Chiwan Choi about his recent book, "It was Always the Weight of Everything," which is a social experiment in publishing.  Chiwan began writing it on Facebook, has published it digitally, and is making it available for free to everyone.    Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/theweightofeverything.

Aired Nov. 24, 2013.