KTEP - El Paso, Texas

100 @ 100: Research for Our Next Century

Tuesday and Thursday at 8:59am

As part of the celebration of the 100th year birthday of the University of Texas at El Paso, Dr. Keith Pannell will take a look at 100 individuals on the UTEP campus who represent a broad selection of the top research faculty members.  

The series will cover the entire UTEP campus, from Chemistry to Theatre Arts, with stops in the College of Business, the College of Health Sciences, the School of Nursing, and more.  The series demonstrates the wonderful variety of active minds and imaginations of the faculty on the UTEP campus.

  The research of Robert Trussell, Associate Professor, Associate Dean of the UTEP College of Education.  Trussell studies children with disabilities who are being included in the traditional educational system.

Aired Sept. 4, 2014.

  The research of Karine Fenelon, Assistant Professor in the UTEP Department of Biological Sciences.  Fenelon studies why schizophrenics suffer from lack of attention, and why understanding brain circuitry is essential in processing information.

Aired Sept. 2, 2014.

  The research of Kathleen Staudt, Professor of Political Science, Endowed Professor for Western Hemispheric Trade Policy Studies, UTEP Department of Political Science.  Staudt has done much research for the books she has authored and edited.  For her latest book, Staudt interviewed business people and NGOs on both sides of the border.

Aired Aug. 28, 2014.

MCA Synapse

  The research of German Rosas-Acosta, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences.  Rosas-Acosta studies the interactions between the influenza virus and our cells.  Because the virus evolves so rapidly, it is necessary to control ways the cells can neutralize infections.

Aired Aug. 26, 2014.

  The research of Melissa Colgin-Abeln, Associate Professor of Flute and Music Literature in the UTEP Department of Music.  Melissa informs us of the research that goes into a performance, including a composer's intentions and the different musical styles which may be involved.

Aired Aug. 21, 2014.

  The research of Thenral Mangadu, Assistant Professor in the UTEP College of Health Sciences, in the Deprtment of Public Health Sciences.  Mangadu studies the effects of sexual and domestic violence on the El Paso/Mexico border, including the cultural, structural, and environmental factors that may lead to violence.

Aired Aug. 19, 2014.


  The research of John S. Wiebe, Associate Professor in the UTEP Psychology Department.  Wiebe is a clinical health psychologist who is studying the intersection of psychology & medicine.  The behavior and mental state of sufferers of chronic illnesses can often influence their health.  https://academics.utep.edu/Default.aspx?tabid=11438

Aired Aug. 14, 2014.

  The research of Ignacio Martinez from the UTEP Department of History.  Martinez specializes in Colonial Latin America and the Spanish borderlands.  Martinez talks about his research into how friendship was practiced and manipulated in Colonial Sonora.  

Aired August 12, 2014.

  The research of June Kan-Mitchell, Professor in the UTEP Department of Biological Sciences.  Kan-Mitchell is a T-cell immunologist and is working to develop a vaccine to combat HIV infections.

Aired Aug. 7, 2014.


  The research of Luis Echegoyen, professor in the Department of Chemistry.  Echegoyen's research group studies how carbon materials such as C-60 (Buckminster Fullerines, or "Bucky Balls") can make for a more efficient solar cell. He also introduces us to the molecular "maraca."  http://cossrvfile00.utep.edu/echegoyen/

Aired August 5, 2014.

  The research of Thomas Gill of the UTEP Department of Geological Sciences.  Gill is studying dust, and has found that the tiniest speck of dust can impact health, the environment, and infrastructure.  The shape of a dust particle has even been found to have an impact on the climate.  http://academics.utep.edu/Default.aspx?tabid=31490

Aired July 31, 2014.

  The research of Anne Giangiulio, Associate Professor of Art and Graphic Design from the UTEP Department of Art.  Anne has worked with Cinco Puntos Press designing book covers, and she has also designed museum exhibits at the Centennial Museum at UTEP and the El Paso Museum of History.

Aired July 29, 2014.

UTEP Engineering

  The research of Thomas Boland from UTEP's Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering.  Boland talks about his lab's efforts in printing living tissue on 3D printers.  He is working on how to get blood to flow through thicker layers of these printed tissues.  

Aired July 24, 2014.

  The research of Mark Lusk, Professor in the Department of Social Work in the UTEP College of Health Sciences.  Lusk is researching the mental health of refugees who find themselves in El Paso after escaping drug violence in Mexico and Central America.  

Aired July 22, 2014.

Hispanic Health Disparities Research Center

  The research of Sara Grineski, Associate Professor in the UTEP Department of the Sociology.  She studies the social and environmental inequalities in certain populations and how to better serve these communities. 

Aired July 17, 2014.

  The research of Barbara Zimbalist, Assistant Professor in the UTEP Department of English.  She talks about researching women writers in the High and Low Middle Ages, including Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe.  

Aired July 15, 2014.

  The research of Max Grossman, Assistant Professor of Art History, in the UTEP Department of Art.  Grossman studies medieval & Renaissance Italian urban architecture, with a particular focus on government buildings.  

Aired July 10, 2014.

  The research of Mimi Gladstein, Professor of English at the UTEP Department of English.  Gladstein has been researching material for 2 forthcoming books about the women of Smeltertown and about the Spanish influence on American Western films.  

Aired July 8, 2014.

  The research of David Wittenburg, Associate Professor and Chair of the Kinesiology Department in UTEP's College of Health Sciences.  Wittenburg is a former phys-ed teacher who is research cardiovascular fitness and health in middle-, elementary-, and high school-age kids.  

Aired July 3, 2014.

  The research of Igor Almeida, Professor in the UTEP Department of Biological Sciences.  Almeida is studying the parasite that causes Chagas Disease in order to develop a vaccine.  A vaccine in development has already been tested in mice and research will soon begin on non-human primates.  

Aired July 1, 2014.

  The research of Kyung-An (Kay) Han, director of neuroscience & metabolic disorders in the UTEP Department of Biological Sciences.  Kay is using a drosophila (fruit fly) model to determine how motivation, attention, learning, and memory are regulated by dopamine and octopamine.  Link to the HanLab here: http://research.utep.edu/Default.aspx?alias=research.utep.edu/hanlab.

Aired June 26, 2014.

  The research of Arturo Bronson, Professor in the UTEP Department of Mechanical Engineering.  Bronson is studying the effects of high temperatures on different materials.  

Aired June 24, 2014.


  The research of Jules Simon, Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Scientific Director of CSTEP (Center for Science, Technology, Ethics, and Policy).  Jules is investigating phenomenological ethics and sustainability ethics.  http://cstep.cs.utep.edu/index.html.

Aired June 19, 2014.

  The research of Laura O'Dell, Associate Professor in the UTEP Department of Psychology, and Lead Investigator in the O'Dell Lab research group.  Laura is studying tobacco use in a laboratory settings, and why certain populations are more susceptible to smoking.   http://odelllab.weebly.com/

Aired June 17, 2014.

  The research of Guillermina (Gina) Núñez-Mchiri, Associate Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology.  Gina talks about anthropological methods to solve everyday problems, specifically in involving her students in service learning.  

Aired June 12, 2014.

  The research of Nathan Ashby, Associate Professor of Economics, UTEP Department of Economics & Finance.  Nathan is research violent and organized crime and how it may affect investment in Mexico.

Aired June 10, 2014.

  The research of Raymond Rumpf, Associate Professor in the UTEP Department of Engineering, and the Director of the EM Lab.  Rumpf is researching incorporating electronics into 3D printed materials.  http://emlab.utep.edu/team.htm

Aired June 5, 2014.

  The research of Diane Dosur, a geophysicist with the UTEP Department of Geological Sciences.  Dosur is investigating techniques to solve environmental & engineering problems on the border.

Aired June 3, 2014.

  The research of Larry Lesser, Professor of Mathematical Sciences at UTEP, and Interim Director of CETaL (The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning).  Larry is studying how to make statistics and mathematics accessible to diverse populations through entertaining learning techniques.  http://www.math.utep.edu/Faculty/lesser/

Aired May 29, 2014.

  The research of Ming-Ying Leung of the Department of Mathematical Sciences.  Ming-Ying is analyzing and organizing biological data in order to advance biological sciences.  http://www.math.utep.edu/Faculty/mleung/

Aired May 27, 2014.