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On Film has aired weekly on KTEP since 1993 and covers contemporary and classic films, filmmaking, film industry developments and the talents of local filmmakers through insightful interviews, reviews and commentary.

Host Charles Horak recalls his interview with the late Director Peter Bogdanovich on his visit to El Paso during the 2010 Plaza Classic Film Festival. Bogdanovich passed away January 6, 2022

Host Charles Horak welcomes Writer/Director Billy Townes to discuss the release of the final installment of Border Lords 3.  It’s the perfect time for the emerging Guzman syndicate to attempt to take over the El Paso-Juarez underworld. The noted El Paso pianist and filmmaker directed from his own script, based on a story by producer Mark Love and Townes.(By Elva K. Österreich)

Guest Host Kyle Alvarado welcomes fellow film aficianado Oscar Garza to discuss the Spiderman franchise; where it's been and where it's headed.

Charles Horak discusses two new Netflix offerings that represent the extreme ends of the cinema spectrum – Rebecca Halls’ directorial debut and intimate film about race and class in 1920s Harlem and Netflix’ $200 million dollar action heist film Red Notice, starring Gal Godot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds.

On Film - Two New Films

Dec 7, 2021

Host Charles Horak welcomes fellow film afficianado Carlos De La Torre to review two new films, The Power of the Dog and Pig.

On Film - New Screenplay

Nov 17, 2021

Host Charles Horak welcomes writers Austin Savage and Roland Esparza to discuss their collaboration, El Pavo Bravo, a new screenplay getting attention from the Sundance Film Festival Development Department.

Guest host and chairman of Tower Productions Carlos De La Torre welcomes Cinematographer and Wes Anderson enthusiast Michael De La O to discuss a couple of flims on their radar.

On Film - Return of Films

Nov 1, 2021

Guest Host Carlos De La Torre welcomes back Artistic Director, Filmmaker and Founder of the El Paso Film Fetival, Carlos F. Corral to discuss the festival and the return of movies to theaters.

Host Charles Horak welcomes Dutch Merrick, Prop Master, Hollywood Historian and member of local 44 of Property Craftperson,  IATSE. to discuss the events that led to negotiations.

Host Charles Horak welcomes El Paso native, Producer and partner at Starburns Industries James Fino to discuss the state of adult animation and the latest episode of PEN 15.

Host Charles Charles Horak welcomes Filmamker, Artistic Director and El Paso Film Festival creator Carlos Corral to discuss this years line-up and the festival's vision, mission and goals.

Host Charles Horak welcomes his colleague Felipa Solis to On Film to discuss a new format to streaming called the Short Series.

Host Charles Horak welcomes actors Julia Chavez and Israel Rodriquez to discuss the premiere of the new film shot in the borderland, El Otro Tom. It premieres at the Venice Film Festical in September.

Host Charles Horak welcomes Author and Turner Classic Movies Senior Director of Original Programming Scott McGhee to discuss many things in classic films most importantly the stunt men and women who perform perilously dangerous stunts on film and his new book "Danger on the Silver Screen."

On Film - Film production on the Borderland

Aug 21, 2021

Host Charles Horak welcomes Gilbert Jorgenson, owner of Leo Lightning and Grip, to discuss equipment rentals in an ever increasing film making market and what lies ahead for the business.

Host Charles Horak welcomes back El Paso Film Commissoner Drew Mayer-Oakes to discuss the ongoing film production on the streets of El Paso and their impact on various aspects of the Sun City and the film industry.

On Film - Streaming films made easier

Aug 21, 2021

Host Charles Horak welcomes Jennifer Merin, film critic for Women's eNews and is the President of the Alliance of Women Film Journalists. Merin worked as a film reviewer for The New York Press and SoHo News as well as a columnist for The Associated Press. 

The Dallas VideoFest has presented the work of emerging filmmakers, avante-garde video artists, and new moving image tech. After 34 years of running with success, the brainchild of Weiss comes to an end this year.

Host Charles Horak welcomes On Film contributor Kyle Alvarado to explore two new summer releases, the Summer of Soul and Val. 

Host Charles Horak welcomes Jennifer Merin. President and Founder of the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, AWFJ, "a non-profit organization founded in 2006. It is based in New York City and is dedicated to supporting work by and about women in the film industry.

Host Charles Horak welcomes El Paso Director Manuel Crosby and Producer Brandon Kraus to discuss their new indie film "First Date", it's Summer release date and it's mainstream appeal.

On Film - Pride Month

Jun 7, 2021

Host Kyle Alvarado welcomes guest Steven Mansfield to discuss "Queer Films" throughtout the decades and how the landscaped has changed in today's society.

Host Charles Horak welcomes El Paso Classic Film Festival Director Doug Pullen to discuss this year's line-up and dates and what lies ahead for the festival in a post-pandemic El Paso.

  Host Charles Horak weclomes Film Director Ross Marks to discuss his new film "Walking with Herb" starring Edward James Olmos, Kathleen Quinlan and George Lopez filmed in around around the borderland.

Host Charles Horak welcomes Triple Tap Venture Progam Director Robert Saucedo to discuss going back to the movies and the new location in east El Paso.