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On Film has aired weekly on KTEP since 1993 and covers contemporary and classic films, filmmaking, film industry developments and the talents of local filmmakers through insightful interviews, reviews and commentary.

For this week of On Film, we had a whole slew of guests come in to discuss the Paso Del Norte Foundation's Giving Day event. With the help of, local filmmakers, Carlos Corral and Angie Reza Tures, Tracy Yellen came by the KTEP studios to talk about the monumentous charitable event. With specific funds set up to help local and regional filmmakers, Giving Day had a unique and interesting film twist this year. 

Dia de Los Muertos has come back into the cultural spotlight due to the immensely popular Pixar film Coco. Dr. James Welch, Associate Conductor of the El Paso Symphony Orchestra, has brought a very unique presentation that combines this interntionally successful film, a Latin American holiday, and a love of music. The El Paso Symphony Orchestra celebrated the Mexican holiday by playing a live film-to-score symphony to Coco. From the intricacies of doing a live film score to the best parts of Coco, there was plenty to discuss about this unique theatrical expirience.

Not many cinematic auteurs can work in-between the realms of independent filmmaking and Hollywood blockbusters. Robert Rodriguez is an exception to that. Internationally acclaimed director, producer, writer, and cinematographer, Robert Rodriguez, stopped by the KTEP studios to discuss his life of filmmaking and his newly released feature film, Red 11.  From humble beginings to multi-million dollar productions, Robert Rodriguez is an inspiration to any independent filmmaker with his economic ingenuity and world-class storytelling ability. 

The El Paso Film Festival is rolling into its second year stronger than ever. For four days, Downtown El Paso will host a variety of film screenings with works from emerging filmmakers to established independent producers. Founder and Artistic Director of the Festival, Carlos Corral, stopped by the KTEP studios to discuss the upcoming festival. With a variety of locations, narrative and documentary films, and special guest Robert Rodriguez, El Paso's premiere film festival is one not to miss. The festival runs from Oct. 24th - 27th. Tickets are available online or at the Plaza Theatre Box Office

Film archivist, Viviana Garcia Besne stopped by the KTEP studios to discuss her new showcase of vintage and classic Mexican films. Cine Fantastico retrurns to the Plaza Theatre again this year, this time with 3 showings. All of the films come from the reknowed Mexican filmmaking family ,the Calderons, who have strong historical ties to the El Paso - Ciudad Juarez region.

The films premiere at the Plaza Theatre on October 12.

  • La Llorona - 1:00pm
  • Santo vs Hombres Infernales - 4:00pm
  • La Mujer Murcielago (Batwoman) - 7:00pm

Re-air of September 1, 2018

A film about a country music legend who has remained in relative obscurity, hit the big screen and now home video this past year. We had the honor of visiting with co-writer and director, Ethan Hawke and actor Ben Dickey to discuss their film, Blaze. Blaze is a beautifully complex film about the life, love, and legend of country-blues musician, Blaze Foley.

Frequent On Film contributor and guest host, Kyle Alvarado dropped by the KTEP studios this week to discuss and review some new titles currently in theatres. Ad Astra, a story about a man searching for his missing father in space, and Downton Abbey, a movie adaptation of the hit PBS drama exploring life in an English estate at the begining of the 20th century, were the two films that we reviewed this week. From the beautiful sets to the narrative critiques, there was much to discuss in reviewing both of these titles.

Local filmmaker and Femme Frontera founder Angie Reza Tures dropped by the KTEP studios to discuss the upcoming Femme Frontera Film Showcase. Angie spoke about the new additon of a children's showcase, the diverse and worldly submissions that will be screened, and the success of their local filmmaking workshops. The 2019 Femme Frontera Filmmaker Showcase will be held at Alamo Drafthouse in El Paso, Texas on September 21, 2019. 

  Jaime Blanco and Jesus Nunez from Double Scope Films are teaming up with Carlos Corral of  MindWarp Films to create an intensive filmmaking workshop here in El Paso. With a focus on teaching up-and-coming filmmakers, the group stopped by to dicuss the vision of the workshop. With lessons in directing, cinematography, lighting, and sound, the workshop has a lot to offer to prospective local filmmakers. The workshop will take place on September 21, at Star City Studios.

Although movie viewing technology constantly changes, the communal experience still remains the same. El Paso's newest movie theatre, Flix Brewhouse, aims to combine both. For this week of On Film, we had a conversation with Greg Johnson - Director of Marketing for Flix. From reclining chairs to meticulously calibrated sound systems to movie specific crafted brews, Flix Brewhouse has a lot to offer to the movie going community of El Paso. 

Within our region, a growing film industry not only means more productions but also more fesitvals, showcases, and special screenings. For this week of On Film, guest host Kyle Alvarado spoke to Dave Witt and David Salcido - co-founders of Borderscene Film Festival, one our region's newest and most innovative film festivals. From the innovative showcasing of virtual reality films to the festival's free military veteran submissions, our two guests had much to speak about for the upcoming film festival. Borderscene Film Festival will be hosted in Las Cruces, New Mexico from September 6th - 9th. Titles are also available for online viewing from September 4th - 9th via their website. 

Within the past election cycle, Texas has seen an uproar in the political status quo. In a state traditionally known for its staunch political conservatism, the tide seems to be changing. Filmmaker, Kevin Ford, has been documenting this political realignment for the past year in his upcoming project, Kind of Blue: Texas. From his office in Los Angeles, Kevin spoke to us to discuss the deep themes within the film, his personal experience documenting throughout Texas, and snapshots of the stories contained within the documentary. Kind of Blue: Texas is currently in post-production and raising funds via a GoFundMe campaign. 

 In a medium sized city like El Paso, many media outlets don't have a dedicated film reviewer to comment on and analyze upcoming films. So, Beto Vergara and Lenny Jurado, both teachers at Coronado High School, took it upon themselves to create a Youtube channel dedicated to creating videos that critque newly released theatrical movies. From how the idea came about to some films they have reviewed, both guests had much to speak about.

Author Victoria Riskin comes from a family of Hollywood royalty - her mother, Fay Wray, starred in the original King Kong and her father, Robert Riskin, was an Academy-Award winning screenwriter. She spoke to us from Los Angeles to discuss her book Fay Wray and Robert Riskin: A Hollywood Memoir. From her parents' upbringing to their prestigious careers there was much to discuss about her recently released biography.

Filmmaker, Pamela Green, spoke to us this week over the phone from Los Angeles to discuss her new documentary - Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blache. As director, producer, and writer, Pamela became well aware of the legacy and awe-inspiring work of the "first woman studio head." The discussion ranged from Alice's rise to cinematic prominence at the begining of the medium to Pamela's inspiriation for the project. The film is currently on a limited theatrical release and has just been released via video-on-demand. 

For this week of On Film, guest host Kyle Alvarado spoke with filmmaker, Anthony Salgado. From inspirations to filming techniques, Anthony discussed the films that he has made locally here in El Paso. Anthony also spoke about his upcoming project, entitled Cut the Tech, which is an art-house styled feature film that critques our societal reliance on technology.  Cut the Tech is currently in pre-production and conducting a fundraising campaign.

 Doug Pullen, Program Director of the El Paso Community Foundation, stopped by the KTEP studios this week to discuss the upcoming Plaza Classic Film Festival. The discussion ranged from this year's program featuring notable contemporary and classic films, the program's focus on space exploration, and the return of festival favorite Sam Elliot. The Plaza Classic Film Festival will run from August 1st to 11th in Downtown El Paso, and tickets are now available online. 

For this week of On Film, guest host Kyle Alvarado brought in Leslie Lanier, film producer and founder of Luna Soleil Studios. She discussed with us her experience about creating a production studio, the atmospehere of the independent film industry, and her inspirations as a filmmaker. From humble beginnings, Luna Soleil Studios has solidified itself as a reputable production company amongst a growing local industry. All of the studio's current films can be viewed via their website. 

For this week of On Film, Jeanne Creel stopped by to discuss the newly released Amazon Studios movie, Late Night. The discussion ranged from the film's intricate exploration of social relations to the breaking of industry gender norms both on and off screen. Both Jeanne and Chuck also offered their film suggestions to similar titles that attempt to tell a female perspective with a mainly female cast or crew. Late Night is currently in theatres and is expected to be streaming via Amazon Prime soon.

UTEP Communication Professor, Sherry Lewis, dropped by the studio to discuss her upcoming book Watching Wilder. Her book examines the various films made by famous classic film director Billy Wilder. She spoke with us about her inspiration for creating the book, her personal opinion on some of Wilder's most famous films, and a brief biography of Wilder himself. Her book is currently available for purchase online via Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

 Regular On Film guest, Oscar Garza, dropped by the studio to talk with guest host, Kyle Alvarado. The two discussed two new thrilling films - The Perfection and Cam. Both films delve into voyeurism, the macabre, and ethical imperatives. Both titles are currently streaming on Netflix. 

Guest host, Kyle Alvarado, spoke with the Director of the Sunset Film Society, Jay Duncan. They discussed the organization's upcoming  screening series that will feature notable films from the 1970s and 1980s: Grease, JawsStand By Me, and more titles. The films will be screened at the International Museum of Art here in El Paso, Texas at 2:00pm every Saturday in June. 

 Documentary fim director, David Modigliani, dropped by to discuss with us his new feature film, Running with Beto. The film follows El Pasoan Beto O'Rourke, as he embarked on an unlikely U.S. Senate campaign here in Texas. David spoke to us about how he intially met Beto, the dynamics the film crew had with the campaign crew, and what films inspired David in the making of this film. Running with Beto will be airing via HBO on May 28, 2019 and will be available to stream via HBO Go and HBO Now on May 28, 2019 as well. 

For this week's episode, frequent On Film contributor, Kyle Alvarado, sat down in the studio to discuss some recent film titles currently out in theatres or streaming online. Kyle spoke to us about the new live action movie, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, and the current Netflix streaming Chinese Sci-fi disaster flick, The Wandering Earth.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, a self described Chicanadian and international artist, spoke to us from his Montreal office about an upcoiming film that he is the subject of. Megalodemocrat chronicles the awesome and beautiful public art works of Rafael and will have a screening here in El Paso. Rafael also spoke with us about an upcoming public art project that will be displayed in El Paso and Ciudad Juarez during the Fall.