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Gardening in the El Paso Southwest has always been a challenge. Enthusiasts have to contend with a variety of problems: scarce annual rainfall, less than ideal soil composition, and extreme temperatures among others. But southwestern gardening aficionados always seem to find a way to keep our desert blooming, beautiful and fruitful.

Each Saturday, Good to Grow will answer the many questions gardeners may have about plants, growing conditions, and proper care for El Paso’s varied gardens.

Good to Grow won 1st place in the annual Texas Master Gardener Conference in 2010.

With a whole slew of questions posted on Facebook, the Good to Grow trio answered some of those posted. With an emphasis on soil content, fertalization, and the best time to work on your plants, there were plenty of questions answered to keep your garden good to grow!

COVID-19 has unfortunately changed the way we go about our day, however with more time at home, it is the perfect time to take on vegetable gardening! Denise, Jan, and John spoke on a variety of ways to safely and successfully get started on growing your own delicious and homegrown veggies. 

Every generation has its small quirks, and Millennials have made a knack for indoor planting. On this episode, Denise and Jan speak on this decorative new phenomenon and the best ways to grow healthy and beautiful plants all without going outside. 

Warmer weather means the possibility to plant new vegetables. Denise and Jan spoke this week on the best way to grow tomatoes for the upcoming spring season. With great tips and tricks, growing hearty tomatoes this season will be a breeze. 

For this week's episode, Denise and Jan sat down to discuss upcoming gardening events in El Paso, and how to deal with the emergence of those pesky weeds! By understanding how weeds spread and grow, we can better understand how to prevent them and react to them properly when they do sprout up.

Denise and Jan are back to spread the gardeners shadow, up coming events and the Garden Help Desk!

Welcome to the new year as Denise, Jan and John give you tips on how to keep your garden good to grow!

Good to Grow Master gardeners talk fall planting and some container gardening tips to color up your home patios and porches.

Hosts Denise, John and Jan discuss the positive aspects of gardening and how to keep up with a stressed out backyard during the summer months.

Master Gardeners Denise and John discuss the bounties of your summer harvest and what to plant in the fall.

Denise, Jan and John discuss how to maintain your yard this summer and how to prepare for the hot weather ahead.

The Good to Grow crew talks Master Gardening, summer heat and the best way to manage your irrigation for the best gardens. 

GOOD TO GROW - Mothers Day special

May 14, 2019

Denise and Jan celebrate Mother's Day weekend with special ideas and botanical surprises for Mom. 

GOOD TO GROW - Garden Safety

Apr 17, 2019

Denise, John and Jan discuss upcoming events, The Rose garden, Master Gardeners, Earth Day, the Floral Fest and garden safety.

Denise and Jan sit down with Jim hastings of the Native plant Society to discuss the growth of el Paso along with  xeriscaping and what you can do to improve your landscaping environment. 

Denise Rodriguez, John White and Jan Petrzelka bring you gardening tips for the month of March as we enter the spring growing season. 

Denise Rodriguez, John White and Jan Petrzelka discuss composting for your garden to get ready for spring.

Denise Rodriguez, John White and Jan Petrzelka talk about the latest trends in garden design and how you can adapt them to your own space.

Denise Rodriguez, John White and Jan Petrzelka discuss gardening for the ages, the mental and physical benefits of gardening.

Molly Lama, Co-Chair of the El Paso Rose Garden Association, join Denise Rodriguez, John White and Jan Petrzelka to discuss pruining of roses.


Denise Rodriguez and John White talk to Chanelle Svehla, the El Paso County 4H and Youth Development Agent about where our food comes from, and the upcoming Kids & Kows & More event.

Denise Rodriguez, John White and Jan Petrzelka discuss cold weather tips for your garden.

Denise Rodriguez, John White, and Jan Petrzelka sit down with Oscar Mestas, for the second part of their discussion on how to train and prune both your young and mature trees.

Denise, John and Jan sit down with forester and arborist Oscar Mestas, the tree whisperer, to discuss the cold tree pruning. Why, when and how to prune and what to avoid during the holiday season.


Good to Grow hosts Denise Rodriguez, John White and Jan Petrzelka give you their ideas for the best holiday gifts for southwest gardeners.

Denise Rodriguez & Jan Petrzelka bring you gardening tips for November.

Denise Rodriguez & Jan Petrzelka discuss tree planting, and pruning in the fall months.

Host Denise Rodriguez speaks with Jim Hastings about the Cactus Appreciation event taking place on November 3rd. 

Good to Grow hosts Denise Rodriguez, John White, and Jan Petrzelka discuss the trend of millennials gardening and the best houseplants to grow.

On this edition of Good to Grow, hosts Denise Rodriguez, John  White, and Jan Petrzelka discuss growing herbs in the fall in the desert southwest.