KTEP - El Paso, Texas

Music From The Hearts of Space

Sunday at 10pm

Hearts of Space is a finely crafted, uninterrupted hour for relaxation and reflective listening, weaving quiet contemporary electronics, classical adagios, soft jazz, meditations from many world traditions, and the best of the new age genre.

Hearts of Space grew out of producer Stephen Hill's fascination with space-creating, contemplative music. Beginning in the early 1970s, Hill hosted a weekly late-night radio program in the San Francisco Bay area. What began purely as a labor of love eventually became the most popular contemporary music program on public radio in America.

What is spacemusic?
It sounds kind of high-tech and these days a lot of it is electronic, but it's really a very old kind of music — which is why we call it "timeless music for a changing world." When you listen to spacemusic you are actually connecting to a tradition of contemplative sound experience whose roots are both ancient and diverse. In fact, almost any music with a slow pace and space-creating sound images could be called spacemusic. It's hard to grasp until you hear it, and then it's obvious.

URL: http://www.hos.com/