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The KTEP Book Club on Perspectives is a weekly program that highlights best-selling authors, local authors, and independent authors of note. The show not only takes you into the books' characters but into the mind of the writer.  Crime, memoir, history, mystery...it's all covered on our popular program!

Host Louie Saenz welcomes writer, editor and reseacher, Jess McHugh to discuss her new book, Americanon, which uncovers why other books might serve as blueprints for the molding of our common language, culture and customs. Now available.

Host Louie Saenz welcome New York Times best selling and award winning author Daniel James Brown to discuss his new book Facing The Mountain amongst his other works.

Host Louie Saenz welcomes Best-selling and former National Geograpic reporter Author Bryan Christy to discuss his new novel "In the company of Killers."

Host Louie Saenz welcomes  Samuel K. Dolan is a documentary writer, director and Emmy Award winning Producer. Dolan, who grew up in Northern Arizona, got his start in the entertainment industry at the age of 13 when he spent the summer of 1993 riding horses on the set of the feature film Tombstone and the author of Hell Paso.


   In 1966, during the Vietnam War, Joan Hunter, an ordinary housewife, mother of four from the small, idyllic coastal town of Scituate, MA, spearheads Operation Morale Booster, a mission to ensure that every deployed American G.I. receives mail at weekly mail call. Armed only with her typewriter and her vibrant personality, she reaches thousands of soldiers and especially captivates one battle-tested soul, Bob Johnson. She is white, he is black; she is married, he is not. This potentially scandalous relationship transcends society's rules of engagement due to their honest and thought-provoking candor.

The Book Club - David Smith-Soto

Jan 25, 2021

Host Louie Saenz welcomes bi-lingual writer, journalist and photgrapher, David Smith-Soto to discuss his new book Havana Hallelujah and what inspired him to pursue his ambitions.

Host Louie Saenz welcomes American televison anchor and journalist Chris Wallace to discuss his latest book Countdown 1945, the extraordinary story of the atomic bomb and the 116 days that changed the world.

Perspectives - Doug Swanson, Cult of Glory

Jun 15, 2020

Host Louie Saenz welcomes author Doug Swanson, a veteran reporter and editor from the Dallas Morning News whose new book, " Cult of Glory ", chronicles the early and somewhat brutal years of the Texas Rangers.

Host Louie Saenz welcomes New York Times best-selling author and historian Jeff Shaara. His latest book is To Wake The Giant, A Novel of Pearl Harbor. His other books include Gods and Generals and The Frozen Hours.

Perspectives - Kate Winkler Dawson

Mar 23, 2020

Host Louie Saenz welcomes Kate Winkler Dawson, author of Death in the Air and seasoned documentary producer, whose whose work has appeared on network television and the PBS News Hour.

Originally aired March 15, 2020.

Host Louie Saenz welcomes author and historian Megan Kate Nelson to  discuss her latest book entitled, The Three Cornered War: The Union, the Confederacy and Native Peoples and the fight for the West.

Host Louie Saenz welcomes Rye Curtis to discuss his debut novel Kingdomtide, the story of a lone survivor of a plane crash.

Perspectives - Diana Chamberlain

Feb 1, 2020

Host Louis Saenz welcomes New York Times best-selling author Diane Chamberlain to discuss her new book, Big Lies in a Small town.

Perspectives - Author Jim Cole

Jan 11, 2020

Host Louie Saenz welcomes Award Winning  Author Jim Cole from Victoria, Texas to discuss his new novel, Never Cry Again.

The Weekend - Mike Tapia

Jan 11, 2020

Host Louie Saenz welcomes NMSU Criminal Justice Professor and author Mike Tapiato discuss his new book Gangs of The El Paso and Juarez Borderland.

Host Louie Saenz welcomes author Karen White, New York Times best-selling American author of over 25 novels and author of the best seller The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street.

Host Louie Saenz welcomes author Marc Cameron an american novelist best know for his Jack Ryan series, which is part of the Tom Clancy Universe. as well as for the critically acclaimed Jericho Quinn series. His latest work is Code of Honor.

Host Louie Saenz welcomes author and historian Dan Jones to the program to talk a little about his early years and some of his work. His books the Peasants Revolt, The Plantagenets: The Kings who made England and the Hollow Crown and his recent book the Crusaders: An Epic History of the Wars for the Holy Land.

Host Louie Saenz welcomes journalist, editor and New York Times best selling author Maria Goodavage to talk about her new book Doctor Dogs and their incredible abilities that give them amazing insight into human beings.

On this edition of Perspectives, we talk with the best selling author Criag Johnson about his latest novel Land of Wolves: Longmire Mysteries. Johnson talks about his initiations as a writer, his adventures of preparing to write this novel, and his inclusion of El Paso, TX in the book.

On this edition of Perspectives, Louie speaks with Marie Arano, member of the Scholars Council of the Library of Congress.  Her latest book is titled Silver, Sword, and Stone: Three Crucibles in the Latin American Story.

Host Louie Saenz welcomes award winning author Robert Wilson to discuss his latest book, Barnum, the first major biography of P.T. Barnum in a generation, a vivid account of the forefather of American entertainment. 

Host Louie Saenz speaks with author Steve Gillon whose book America’s Reluctant Prince is a deeply researched, personal, surprising, and revealing portrait of the Kennedy heir the world lost too soon and Daniel Silva a best-selling American author of 21 thriller and espionage novel.

Host Louie Saenz sits down with author of How Could She, Lauren Mechling. Lauren has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Slate, The New Yorker online, and Vogue, where she writes a regular book column.

Host Louie Saenz welcomes award winning author Nathaniel Philbrick to discuss his new work... In the Hurricane's Eye: The Genius of George Washington and the Victory at Yorktown  about the events leading to the defeat of the British at Yorktown with the aid of the French.