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The KTEP Book Club on Perspectives is a weekly program that highlights best-selling authors, local authors, and independent authors of note. The show not only takes you into the books' characters but into the mind of the writer.  Crime, memoir, history, mystery...it's all covered on our popular program!

  In 2013, embedded combat photographer, documentation and production specialist, ROBERT CUNNINGHAM, and New York Times best-selling author, Steven Hartov, joined forces to devise a lasting tribute to our American service members serving in Afghanistan. Selecting from more than 55,000 photographs taken by Cunningham, and utilizing Hartov’s own experience in Afghanistan and narrative expertise, they created AFGHANISTAN: ON THE BOUNCE. The book conveys the full range of our troops’ experiences—from deployment through combat, down-time and honoring fallen comrades.


Aired July 10, 2016

Can a quintessential American girl maintain her independent spirit when her father moves the family to Tehran, Iran? Shaghayegh Farsijani's THE BURDEN OF MY RED LIPS IN TEHRAN transports the reader back to adolescence, and was inspired by the author’s life experiences. The book is an eye-opening look into what life was really like for young women during the most heated years of Iran's modern history.  Louie Saenz talks with Farsijani on this week’s Book Club.



Russia poses the most significant threat to world peace today for several important reasons but one main reason: Russian president Vladimir Putin. All Russian Presidents know that Russia's borders are hard to defend and their country has been invaded many times over the centuries, but Putin has taken his responsibility to a new level.


Former U.S. Air Force captain Dale Brown explores the unrest in Russia and the Ukraine in his latest military suspense novel, IRON WOLF.  He joins us on Perspectives to talk more about his military service and how it informs his writing.


Egyptian-American author Rajia Hassib's debut novel is IN THE LANGUAGE OF MIRACLES.  It is a gripping story of a first-generation Egyptian-American family and the wrenching tragedy that tears their lives apart.  Publishers Weekly says that toe novel “offers fascinating insight into the lives of American Muslims, and the prejudice with which they contended in the years after 9/11.”

KATIE WORKMAN'S cookbook DINNER SOLVED! offers recipes for busy parents who want to put dinner on the table for vegetarians, picky eaters, spice-lovers, and the spice averse – all with one recipe!  Workman's "Mom 100 Cookbook" was named one of the ‘Five Best Weeknight Cookbooks of the past 25 years’ by Cooking Light and a recipe within it was selected by listeners of NPR’s The Splendid Table as one of the ‘20 Best Recipes In The History of The Splendid Table.’ 

Bestselling author Sandra Brown has developed into one of the best-known romantic suspense writers in the world. Her 2015 thriller FRICTION follows a Texas Ranger who is recovering after the loss of his wife and troubles at work, and finds himself increasingly attracted to a judge who holds his future in her hands. www.sandrabrown.net   

MARK CHEVERTON is a former public school teacher, engineer, and parent.  He wrote INVASION OF THE OVERWORLD after seeing the positive influence of Minecraft to his bullied son and other children. The book is based in the Minecraft universe and explores how to deal with bullying.  http://markcheverton.com/

Nadia Hashimi is the author of WHEN THE MOON IS LOW.  Hashimi’s parents left Afghanistan in the 1970s, before the Soviet invasion.  Her novel shows the rise of the Taliban, the effect of the regime on the freedom and independence of women and their families, and how societal upheavals such as this help create the refugee crisis we see in numerous regions of the world today. 

Vietnam, 1965: On July 24, a US Air Force fighter jet was suddenly blown from the sky by a mysterious and lethal weapon launched by Russian "advisors" to North Vietnam. Three days later, six more pilots were brought down trying to avenge their fallen brother. Stunned and desperately searching for answers, the Pentagon ordered a top secret program called Wild Weasel I to counter the problem—fast.  Today’s interview focuses on Dan Hampton's THE HUNTER KILLERS, based on unprecedented firsthand interviews with Wild Weasel veterans and previously-unseen declassified documents from both sides of the conflict, as well as author Dan Hampton's own experience as a highly decorated F-16 Wild Weasel pilot.

This episode of the KTEP Book Club focuses on "NAGASAKI: Life After Nuclear War" by Susan Southard, the first book since 1945 to chronicle the enduring impact of nuclear war on those who survived the attack on Nagasaki. Southard provides a heart-wrenching close study of a city post-atomic bomb, as seen through the lives of five survivors and the many others struggling, to this day, with the destruction wrought by the US’s controversial decision to use nuclear weapons on Japan.

PERSPECTIVES: Soman Chainani

May 8, 2016

Are you an Ever or a Never?  On this program we'll visit with New York Times bestseller and acclaimed award-winning filmmaker Soman Chainani, author of THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL series. If you're a fairy tale character, you're either Good or Evil, but Chainani's books turn fairy tales on their heads.

JAMES GRIPPANDO'S novel CASH LANDING is based on the true story of one of the biggest airport heists in history—$7.8 million in cash stolen by a band of amateur thieves.

CASH LANDING puts James Grippando’s unique imprint and inventive spin on an already remarkable true story.

Critics have called Don Winslow's novel THE CARTEL the "Game of Thrones of the Mexican drug war"...and a "south-of-the-border Godfather for our time."  The book follows a DEA agent on a mission to put away the Mexican cartel leader who murdered his partner.  Winslow drew heavily on the real-life violence taking place across our southern border for his acclaimed novel.

GOTHAM ACADEMY is a new, monthly teen drama created by the minds of DC Comics...set in the shadow of Batman and the craziness of Gotham City, with new characters and old plus a secret tie to Gotham’s past. To tell us more about this exciting new comic, is DC Entertainment's Mark Doyle, who is the Batman Group Editor, writers Brendan Fletcher and Becky Cloonan, and artist Karl Kerschl.

C. S. Lewis is the 20th century's most widely read Christian writer and J.R.R. Tolkien its most beloved mythmaker. For three decades, they and their closest associates formed a literary club known as the Inklings, which met every week in Lewis's Oxford rooms and in nearby pubs. They discussed literature, religion, and ideas; read aloud from works in progress; and rewrote the cultural history of modern times.  In THE FELLOWSHIP, Philip and Carol Zaleski offer the first complete rendering of the Inklings' lives and works. Philip and Carol will join us on the KTEP Book Club on PERSPECTIVES to tell us more.

In 1951, when he was only 12 years old, ED LUCAS was struck in the face by a baseball. The blow left him blind. Ed's mother would write letters to his baseball idols, and eventually Ed became friendly with many of the players. Ed Lucas grew up to become the first blind broadcaster to report on baseball.

Ed and his son Chris Lucas will join us on the next PERSPECTIVES to share Ed's inspiring stories. Their book is called SEEING HOME: THE ED LUCAS STORY.

Author JEFF SHAARA is the son of bestselling writer Michael Shaara.  His first novel, Gods and Generals, was published in 1996, and it became a New York Times Bestseller.  His latest, and 15th, book is THE FATEFUL LIGHTNING, and Shaara will join us on the next PERSPECTIVES to tell us more about this last entry in his four-volume Civil War series of the far lesser known campaigns in the "western" theater of the Civil War.

LOUISE HARRISON knows all about Beatlemania - her brother George was a Beatle. And if it wasn't for her efforts, the Beatles might never had gained ANY popularity. Back in 1963, she promoted the band to anyone who would listen...sending letters and calling TV and radio stations. All for the love of her brother.  Louise joins us on PERSPECTIVES to talk to KTEP's resident Beatlemaniac, Louie Saenz, about her book “My Kid Brother’s Band, a.k.a The Beatles!”

Host Louie Saenz interviews Jesse Goolsby, author of I’D WALK WITH MY FRIENDS IF I COULD FIND THEM, which traces the lives of three men and their families as they move towards, through and away from Afghanistan. A fresh Army recruit and two seasoned fighters cross paths in Afghanistan in a single moment of life-or-death horror.   Goolsby, who is an active Air Force Officer, joins us on PERSPECTIVES to talk about his book and his work advocating for Wounded Warrior Care. 

Lucy Sanna's THE CHERRY HARVEST is a coming-of-age story and love story laced with suspense, and it explores a hidden side of the home front during World War II, when German POWs were put to work in a Wisconsin farm community . . . with dark and unexpected consequences.

Lucy Sanna has published poetry, short stories, and nonfiction books, and The Cherry Harvest is her first novel. She talks with host Louie Saenz on this episode of Perspectives.  

On the next KTEP Book Club, New York Times best-selling author CHRIS BOHJALIAN and daughter, GRACE EXPERIENCE talk about their careers, recent works and the joy of audio books.  Grace recently narrated her father's novel, "Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands." www.chrisbohjalian.com

During World War II, trains delivered thousands of civilians from the United States and Latin America to Crystal City, Texas. The trains carried Japanese, German, and Italian immigrants and their American-born children. The only family internment camp during the war, Crystal City was the center of a government prisoner exchange program called “quiet passage.” Hundreds of prisoners in Crystal City were exchanged for other more ostensibly important Americans—diplomats, businessmen, soldiers, and missionaries—behind enemy lines in Japan and Germany.

This week, host Louie Saenz interviews bestselling author Bernard Cornwell, whose 2015 book “WATERLOO: The History of Four Days, Three Armies, and Three Battles”  is his first work of non-fiction.  The book recreates what Cornwell calls, “the most significant battle of the European 19th Century.”

On a winter day in 1903, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, two unknown brothers from Ohio changed history. But it would take the world some time to believe what had happened: the age of flight had begun, with the first heavier-than-air, powered machine carrying a pilot.  Host Louie Saenz interviews author David McCullough about his book THE WRIGHT BROTHERS, which takes us behind the scenes of how these two brothers changed the world.

EMPIRE OF DECEPTION, by award-winning crime writer and investigative reporter Dean Jobb, is set at the dawn of the Roaring Twenties.  It is a  rollicking story of greed, financial corruption, dirty politics, over-the-top and under-the-radar deceit by a charming con man who kept a Ponzi scheme alive perhaps for longer than anyone else in history. 


Jan 27, 2016

El Paso author Sarah McCoy’s latest book is THE MAPMAKER’S CHILDREN. The book alternates between present day and 1860’s West Virginia, and explores the lives of two women, Sarah Brown, daughter of abolitionist John Brown, and Eden Anderson, a modern-day woman struggling to conceive a child. Sarah and Eden’s connection intertwines the past and present. 

Learn more about what inspired the novel when Louie Saenz talks with Sarah McCoy.  

Maps have long exerted a special fascination - both as beautiful works of art and practical tools to navigate the world. A few years ago, map dealer E. FORBES SMILEY, spent years doubling as a MAP THIEF until he was finally caught in the act. Smiley would later confess to the theft of 97 maps valued at nearly $3 million. On the next KTEP Book Club, journalist Michael Blanding joins us to tell us about his book THE MAP THIEF, which explores Smiley's secret life. 

Nelson DeMille's latest John Corey novel, RADIANT ANGEL, takes us into the heart of a new Cold War with a clock-ticking plot that has Manhattan in its crosshairs. Nelson DeMille is a former U.S. Army lieutenant who served in Vietnam and is the author of 18 acclaimed novels, including the #1 New York Times bestsellers Night Fall, Plum Island, The Gate House, The Lion, and The Panther.

New York Times-bestselling author Neal Stephenson's last book SEVENEVES is a science-fiction epic that spans 5000 years and the entire solar system.  In the novel, “The moon blew up without warning and for no apparent reason.” Find out what came next when Louie Saenz interviews Neal Stephenson. 

JAMES BRADLEY  is the author of the New York Times bestsellers Flyboys and Flags of Our Fathers.  He is also the son of one of the men who raised the American flag on Iwo Jima.  His latest book  "The China Mirage: The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia," introduces us to the prominent Americans--including FDR's grandfather, Warren Delano--who in the 1800s made their fortunes in the China opium trade.