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The KTEP Book Club on Perspectives is a weekly program that highlights best-selling authors, local authors, and independent authors of note. The show not only takes you into the books' characters but into the mind of the writer.  Crime, memoir, history, mystery...it's all covered on our popular program!

Called one of the best storytellers of his generation, bestselling author STEPHEN HUNTER used to be the Pulitzer Prize winning film critic for The Washington Post. His book Point of Impact was made into the movie Shooter. His 18th novel is just being published and delves deep into the mind of notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper. In "I, RIPPER," Hunter reimagines Jack’s personal story entwined with that of an Irish journalist who covered the case. 

Steve Martini, New York Times bestselling author of the Paul Madriani series, returns with THE ENEMY INSIDE, an electrifying tale of suspense that brings his titular protagonist back to the courtroom to defend an innocent man, all-the-while uncovering a tangle of corruption and greed leading to the highest levels of political power. 

PATRICIA PARK is the author of about RE JANE, is a fresh, contemporary retelling of Jane Eyre and a poignant Korean-American debut novel that takes its heroine Jane Re on a journey from Queens to Brooklyn to Seoul—and back.  

Jonathan W. Jordan's new book AMERICAN WARLORDS:  How Roosevelt’s High Command Led America to Victory in World War II.  Published for the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe, AMERICAN WARLORDS examines a president and his inner circle of wartime leadership, telling how these remarkable figures overcame deep personal differences to lead their nation to victory.

Ryan Gattis, a Los Angeles writer and mural artist, is the author of ALL INVOLVED: A Novel of the 1992 L.A. Riots.  The book paints a fully-realize portrait of Los Angeles under siege during the six days in 1992 when violence erupted in the wake of the Rodney King verdicts. ALL INVOLVED is grounded in nearly two years of research and background spent with former gang members, firefighters, nurses, and other L.A. citizens who lived through it.

HEATHER LENDE is a small town obituary writer in Alaska, and she must find the good in the lives of those who have passed. She writes about her experiences in FIND THE GOOD: Unexpected Life Lessons from a Small-Town Obituary Writer. Lende tell us about the joys and challenges of writing obituaries, and about the discoveries she has made about herself while writing about the lives of others. 

  Coloring books never go out of style.  But there's a new audience growing for these books: grown ups!  SOURIS HONG joins us to talk about her book "Outside the Lines."  The book is a collection of illustrations from more than 100 visual artists each, including animators, cartoonists, street artists, video game artists, and dozens of other artistic masterminds.

The KTEP Book Club welcomes back beloved best-selling author MARY HIGGINS CLARK, who talks about the novella DEATH WEARS A BEAUTY MASK, which Mary Higgins began in 1974 before she set it aside to write "Where are the Children?," the book that launched her career.  This year she revisited DEATH WEARS A BEAUTY MASK, and she'll talk about why she decided to dust off this story, and why she enjoys suspenseful plots.

Louie Saenz talks with best-selling author Lisa Scottoline about her novel EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES.  Dr. Parrish is the chief of a psychiatric unit who finds his work life more successful than his private life.  But that eventually quickly goes south.  One of Dr. Parrish's high-risk patients has involved the doctor himself as a person of interest in a murder, and one of his own staff has charged him with sexual harassment.  Is this a run of bad luck...or is someone out to get him? 

Louie Saenz talks with David Baldacci, author of MEMORY MAN.  In this novel, Baldacci introduces a startling, original new character: a man with perfect memory who must solve his own family's murder. 

Louie Saenz talks with writer Lisa Genova about her book, INSIDE THE O'BRIENS. Genova is the author of "Still Alice," and this new novel follows a family struggling with the impact of Huntington’s disease.  Genova talks about the inspiration behind the book, and about her background in biopsychology and neuroscience.

Host Louie Saenz talks with Angela Flournoy about her debut novel, THE TURNER HOUSE, a family saga that fills in a missing piece of the American experience in fiction, that of African-Americans who worked up from poverty to middle-class in one generation only to see their dreams begin to crack in the economic crisis.

Do you have a feeling of uncertainty and fear when working with smartphones or laptops? Louie Saenz talks with Abby Stokes, author of “IS THIS THING ON?” A Friendly Guide to Everything Digital for Newbies, Technophobes, and the Kicking & Screaming (Workman)." Abby unravels the mysteries of modern technology for anybody who wasn’t born with a keyboard or mouse in hand!

Host Louie Saenz talks with author VIVIAN PROBST about her debut novel, DEATH BY ROSES.  The book tells the story of what happens to relationships after most of us think it’s too late. Death, it turns out, is the best thing that ever happened to Mae Rose. Mae Rose is the bitter protagonist of the novel, and she dies on the toilet, of all places...but she has a 2nd chance to make things write in her life and her marriage when she is "resurrected" in the body of a dying Hollywood director. 

Louie Saenz talks with author Alice Dregor, author of GALILEO'S MIDDLE FINGER: Heretics, Activists, and the Search for Justice in Science. Dreger is an author and professor of clinical medical humanities and bioethics at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. Her book explores the clashes between scientists and social justice activists when it comes to controversial subjects, such as the treatment of people born intersex (once called hermaphrodites). 

Louie Saenz talks with local artist and author Michael Washer, whose novel LIVING FROM THE INSIDE OUT is a semi-autobiographical telling of a Jewish boy from El Paso who, on his journey to New York to become a conservative rabbi, yearns to learn more about Jesus.

In the 1850s, Franz Xaver von Schönwerth traveled high and low across northern Bavaria to record fairy tales.  Most of his work had been thought lost until 30 boxes of manuscripts were discovered in a German municipal archive.  Louie Saenz will be speaking to co-editor of THE TURNIP PRINCESS And Other Newly Discovered Fairy Tales, Maria Tatar, chair of the folklore and mythology program at Harvard.

 In a galaxy far, far away… a Jedi knight, a strong-willed princess, and the boy who would be Darth Vader team up to fight the evil empire. Author Ian Doescher's book, William Shakespeare’s THE PHANTOM OF MENACE: STAR WARS® PART THE FIRST, puts the Bard's touch on the controversial Star Wars prequels that will win back fans who were disillusioned by the motion picture...and please poetry buffs alike! Louie Saenz and guest co-host Norma Martinez talk with Ian Doescher about Shakespeare and Star Wars.

Louie talks with historian and author Martha Hodes about her book MOURNING LINCOLN. The news of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination on April 15, 1865, just days after Confederate surrender, astounded the war-weary nation. Through deep and thoughtful exploration of diaries, letters, and other personal writings penned during the spring and summer of 1865, Hodes captures the full range of reactions to the president’s death. Martha Hodes is Professor of History at New York University. 

Louie talks with Les Standiford,  best-selling author of WATER TO THE ANGELS: William Mulholand, His Monumental Aqueduct, and the Rise of Los Angeles.   Les tackles the story of William Mulholland and the construction of the Los Angeles aqueduct—the largest water project ever created that transformed the city.

Louie talks with bestselling author Greg Iles about his new book NATCHEZ BURNING, which focuses on race relations in the Jim Crow South.  Iles also talks about his near-fatal car accident in 2011, and his participation in the rock band “THE ROCK BOTTOM REMAINDERS”...a band that also includes authors STEPHEN KING, SCOTT TUROW, AMY TAN, MITCH ALBOM, to name a few! 

Louie Saenz and guest co-host Norma Martinez interview John Logsdon, a world-recognized historian and analyst of space issues.  Logsdon is the author of AFTER APOLLO?: Richard Nixon and the American Space Program.  President John F. Kennedy promised to take us to the moon.  But the Apollo missions to the moon took place under President Nixon's watch.  Why did future Apollo missions and America's space program falter during the Nixon administration? 

Louie talks with Jay Richards, author of SILHOUETTE OF VIRTUE.  Dr. Richards is a forensic psychologist whose specialty is the evaluation and treatment of violent offenders, such as homicide perpetrators, mentally ill killers, and sexually violent predators. The novel is set in a small college town in Southern Illinois in 1973. The town is terrorized by a spree of sadistic assaults. The rapist tells the victims—all Asian women—that he is making them pay for America’s betrayal in Vietnam. 

Louie talks with Cynthia Bond, who’s novel RUBY was an Oprah Book Club 2.0 selection. Bond has drawn upon her own experiences, her family’s history, and the heartbreaking tales she’s heard through her years working with homeless and at-risk youth—including the brutal devastation of human trafficking—and woven these threads together to create a story that is truly unforgettable. 

Louie talks with best-selling author STEVE BERRY about his latest Cotton Malone thriller, THE PATRIOT THREAT.  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt hated being in the same room as former Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon. But Mellon had an offer Roosevelt couldn’t ignore. Before the meeting ended Mellon left behind a web of clues that have just resurfaced to send Cotton Malone, Steve Berry’s retired Justice Department agent, on a harrowing 24-hour chase in THE PATRIOT THREAT.  Blending little-known, but fascinating, historical fact with pulse-pounding fiction, THE PATRIOT THREAT is a startling revelation of the true nature of income tax in the US.

US Army Heritage and Education Center

  2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the first US combat troops landing in Vietnam. Louie Saenz talks with investigative journalist GEORGE BLACK about his article for The Nation detailing continuing effects of Agent Orange and unexploded bombs in Quang Tri, the most devastated province in the war. Best estimates show that since the war's end nearly 40,000 people have been killed by unexploded ordinance, and another 65,000 have been maimed.  

  Louie talks with Norman Doidge, author of THE BRAIN'S WAY OF HEALING. Dr. Doidge is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and New York Times bestselling author. His book shows how non-invasive neuroplastic healing could help patients suffering from MS, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism, ADD/ADHD, dementia, and other neurological diseases.

Louie talks with NIGEL BARKER, fashion photographer, host of Oxygen’s The Face with Naomi Campbell, and a former judge on America’s Next Top Model.  Barker is the author of MODELS OF INFLUENCE, a beautiful volume, spotlighting 50 of the most influential models from the 1940s to the present day and revealing each woman’s indelible place in the pantheons of fashion and pop culture.  http://www.nigelbarker.tv/

Aired June 13 and 14, 2015

Louie talks with ALLISON PATAKI, the daughter of the former NY governor and bestselling author.  Her newest book is THE ACCIDENTAL EMPRESS,  which follows one of history’s most intriguing leading ladies: “Sisi,” the Austro-Hungarian Empress and captivating wife of Emperor Franz-Joseph was plucked from obscurity at the age of 16 and thrust onto the throne in the golden era of the Habsburg Court.  http://allisonpataki.com/

Aired June 6 & 7, 2015 

Just over 50 years ago, THE BOBBY FULLER FOUR recorded the smash hit "I Fought the Law." Fuller, who grew up in El Paso, didn't get a chance to revel in his success - at the age of 23 he was found dead in the front seat of a car doused in gasoline outside his Hollywood apartment.   Louie talks with Miriam Linna, who co-wrote "I Fought the Law: The Life and Strange Death of Bobby Fuller" with Bobby's brother Randell.

Aired May 30 & 31, 2015