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State Of The Arts

Saturday 11:30am

State of the Arts is a weekly 30-minute program focusing on the arts community of El Paso. Hosted by dedicated art enthusiast Marina Monsisvais, State of the Arts provides listeners with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how creativity is shaping our community. Marina interviews local visual artists, writers, dancers, singers, actors and directors, as well as regional talent exhibiting or performing in El Paso. The show gets to the heart of what inspires and drives artists to do what they love best.

Multimedia sculptor Angel Cabrales has set up his election season inspired art installation, "A-Hole in One: The Battlegrounds" at Galería Lincoln in El Paso.

All you have to do is show your I Voted sticker in order to participate in the art installation. The states included in the installation are swing states.

Veronica "Fox" Grijalva, has created Desert Gems Coloring Gallery, a coloring book for a mature audience which brings together the work of eight El Paso artists, herself included.

The book Power At The Pass is the story of businessman Don Shapiro finding home and success in the El Paso region.

Don’s love of the region has been so powerful that it’s brought a spiritual component into the realm of business. It is through his story we also learn more about the stories of El Paso, Northern Mexico, The Southwest, and America.

The Border Chronicles is a virtrual interactive experience which takes place on the Instagram platform. It’s an interactive story where you, the reader, decide the fate of the main character Austen.

For this project, Haydee Alonso engaged with collaborators and illustrators Mariajose Bujanda, Josias Castorena, Kytzia Ornelas and Analaura Fuentes.  It all begins in a well known Pawn Shop in downtown El Paso.

El Paso Pro-Musica’s 2020-2021 season will take place virtually. This season of El Paso Pro-Musica will feature socially distanced outreach, Zoom performances and more. 

Felipa Solis from El Paso Pro-Musica provides all of the details.

Chalk the Block is the largest public art festival in the southwest. Due to the pandemic, this year’s festival will take place virtually. 

Here to tell us about it is Ismael Acosta.

UTEP Arts Alive is an interdisciplinary collaboration showcasing the diversity and vibrancy of the arts in the face of the global pandemic.

The idea is to put the beauty of the University on display by including a wide range of departments - Music, Theater, English and more. The program will also provide a virtual connection to iconic campus locations for those who cannot visit at this time.

Socorro Youth in Culture is an arts program based out of the Rio Vista Community Center in Socorro, Texas.

The program began in January of 2020 but of course this global pandemic had other plans for them. Faced with the possibility of shuttering the program, they instead pivoted to remote learning by providing free art classes on the City of Socorro’s Facebook page.

You are about to hear the fourth and final play in the Reunion Revolucion Radio festival, El Toro y la Niña by Julia Rosa Sosa.

La Niña is a little traviesa that has a complicated relationship with the world, including her Abuela. One night, after yet another disagreement with her Abuela, she unexpectedly begins a journey with a bull looking for a new life, a life away from bullfighting. Join these two unlikely friends on a search for their definition of home.

You are about to hear the third play in the Reunion Revolucion Radio festival: a farm for meme by Virginia Grise. It is a monologue told in two voices.

A butterfly sits in a walnut tree on a 14-acre farm in the middle of South Central Los Angeles; a mother and her three boys live in a tent in an encampment trying to save the farm from police and bulldozers; an artist norteada plants tomato plants in potholes hoping they will break open the concrete. a farm for meme is a story about semilleros and the South Central Farm, built in a vacant lot after the 1992 LA rebellion.

Virginia Grise is a recipient of the Yale Drama Award, Whiting Writers’ Award, the Princess Grace Award in Theatre Directing, and the Playwrights’ Center’s Jerome Fellowship. Her published work includes Your Healing is Killing Me (Plays Inverse Press), blu (Yale University Press), The Panza Monologues cowritten with Irma Mayorga (University of Texas Press) and an edited volume of Zapatista communiqués titled Conversations with Don Durito (Autonomedia Press).

You are about to hear the second play in the Renuion Revolucion Radio festival: Masterclass from a Broken Angel or Drowning Fish, by Georgina Escobar.

It is day 182 of “The Great American Cloistering” of 2020. Esther has found a new passion for day drinking and turning her closets into living rooms. Mud is recently obsessed with baking and with having babies.

When Esther receives a new version of the “Echo Dot” from her husband Mud, she soon realizes there might be something amuck with the technology—or has she just been drinking too much?

Georgina H. Escobar is a Ciudad Juárez-native playwright & director who currently splits her time between El Paso, Texas and NYC. She is a MacDowell Fellow, Djerassi Resident, and recipient of the National Kennedy Center Darrell Ayers Playwriting Award. Her work has been featured in the Kilroys List, The Texas Review, Los Bárbaros, McSweeney’s Anthology, and New Passport Press.

You are about to hear the first play in the Renuion Revolucion Radio festival: Borderline, by Andrew Siañez De La O. We will be hearing an abbreviated version of the full-length play which was adapted as a radio excerpt for this festival.

“In the old cotton fields of Socorro, Texas, Enzo and Rosita have snuck away to write ghost stories, while Tony and Veronica are both building up the courage to tell the other a secret. Threatened by a creature in the darkness, these two generations will have to rely on each other and the voice of the repentant Tío Ofelio to escape the desert alive.”

Andrew Siañez-De La O is a Boston based Mexican-American playwright from El Paso, Texas. He is currently a Huntington Playwriting Fellow, supported by the Stanford Calderwood Fund for New American Plays, at the Huntington Theatre Company, Boston Massachusetts.

His work has been developed with support from Corkscrew Theatre Festival, The Playwrights Realm, Pipeline Theatre Company, Company One, Echo Theatre Company, and the Writers Room of Boston. He writes for the Latinx Children’s Fiction podcast, “Timestorm,” with Cocotazo Media.

Artists Tino Ortega and Diego Martinez opened Galeria Lincoln earlier this year, right before the global pandemic occurred.  Despite the challenges, these two are showing us what a little imagination can do. 

Here to talk about the goings on at the gallery is Diego Martinez.

This is the third segment artist Pilo record for State of the Arts about the same art show.

It’s important we follow his journey, because as the world turns, so does Pilo and his Futuro Dos art show.

El Pasoan Ali Dipp spent this summer creating Work Project, a digital platform for Southwestern self-representation. Dipp’s work is funded by Royce Fellowship, a program at Brown University that awards grants to approximately 20 undergraduates each summer to design and carry out independent research and study projects across the U.S. and around the world.

Information is available at ourworkproject.org.

El Paso playwright Megan O’Toole-Pitts is about to release No Más, an original radio play which will be available on several platforms including Anchor, Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts or online at nomasep.com.

Inspired by true events, the drama tells the story of Carmelita Torres and the 1917 Bath Riots.

The Fund for Ethical Practices of Transborder Art came about on the occasion of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Border Tuner | Sintonizador Fronterizo and responds to the need to give voice and visibility to transborder projects that emerge on the border, produced by border artists living in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and El Paso, Texas. 

Kerry Doyle from the Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts at the University of Texas at El Paso provides the details.

Deana Ortega is a single mom who has jammed her way around the roller derby circuit for the past 12 years. Having overcome addiction, negotiated difficult relationships, and endured numerous traumatic losses within her family, she has survived against the odds to become a successful derby captain, triathlete, and hairstylist.

Hailing from El Paso, Texas, she is the author of Forget Soldadera: A Book of Personal Poetry.

The Resilience Art Project, or RAP, is designed to stimulate dialogue and promote tolerance and cross-cultural collaboration to heal from adversity.

Art heals, and the intent is that RAP becomes a tool for capacity building that fosters self-expression, while empowering individuals to cope and grow regardless of what they are facing.

The Museums and Cultural Affairs Department is seeking local artwork for public areas of municipal buildings as part of the 2020 Artwork Purchase Program. They are looking for completed paintings, drawings, photographs and mixed media work that represents the artistic talent and cultural diversity of El Paso.

Interested artists must fill out an online application at  https://www.publicartist.org/call.cfm?id=2961. Deadline to submit entries is before 1:00 pm on July 28, 2020.

The Moment App is a digital reminder that our days are limited. It helps to remind you that reflecting on life and mortality helps you stay mindful of the present.

The idea is not to instill a sense of depression, but to liberate and encourage us to live the life we truly want. More information is available at www.life-time-app.com.

Larry Lesser, an award-winning educator and songwriter, released his 2020 album (https://larrylesser.com/sparks) of original songs grounded in Jewish text and values with universal lessons for these times of polarization and prejudice. 

He joins Marina Monsisvais for a conversation about music and inspiration in these pandemic times.

Borderless Spaces is a real (and virtual) exhibit which highlights El Paso artists. It is made possible through a collaboration with Viztudio, an architecture studio from Mexico City and local gallery Flor de Barro.

This exhibit uses 3D scanning technology to connect El Paso artists to a global audience.

Beanalog Recording Studio is a creative space for our local music enthusiasts and musicians to create music.

They recently opened their doors and here to talk about it are Luisa Navarro, Barry Anderson and Ray Mendoza.

The El Paso Symphony Youth Orchestra and El Paso Symphony Orchestra are pleased to present “MUSE” a week-long virtual summer music program.  

The camp is open to everyone, but is recommended for ages 10 and up.  The camp begins on Monday, July 13 and concludes on Friday, July 17.  Hours are from 9am to 5pm from the comfort of your home.

More information is available at https://www.epsyo.org/applyformuse/ 

In Plain Sight is a national public art intervention performance which will take place on the evening of July 4, 2020. It will use skytyping, to spell out artist generated messages designed to inform people about migrant detention centers in the US. 

The project happens in conjunction with Voteria, an initiative created by grassroots organizers on the frontlines of social justice.

Chef Andres Padilla is a celebrated chef and educator who has worked in several award-winning kitchens across the country for more than 15 years. He brings his masterful, regionally influenced mexican cuisine to Ambar restaurant located in the Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park in downtown El Paso. 

He hails from Chicago where he held several notable positions, including Culinary Director for Frontera restaurants, Chef Rick Bayless’ culinary group.