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Evergreen Gardening

Arely Avitia (Florafest 2023)

On this week’s show, Denise, John, and Jan offer tips on preparing, planting, and taking care of your home plants. They will talk about what to do to take good care of your indoor and outdoor plants from home as well as offer tips on how to properly care for plants, if you are a first-time plant owner, and what you need to do to successfully get your garden off to a good and fresh start.

The El Paso County Master Garden Association (EPCMGA) was recognized as the 2022 Partner of the Year by El Paso Water during a Partner and Volunteer Dinner on Thursday, March 23, 2023. The partnership between the EPCMGA and El Paso Water is in its second year through the Gardening Resources Outreach Workshops and Seminars (GROWS) educational program.

For more information, visit the El Paso County Master Gardner’s website for questions, tips, and upcoming calendar events.

This show originally aired on April 29, 2023