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Javier Gonzalez takes us through Line Production

Mildred and the Dying Parlor Trailer, Javier Gonzalez, Line Producer

Film producers are some of the unsung heroes amongst filmmakers in the industry. Typically you’ll hear the name of the stars of the picture, a Director, maybe even a writer. Despite the fact that they do most of the heavy lifting to get a production on its legs and see it through to the end, Producers rarely get the public recognition.

My name’s Carlos De La Torre sitting in for Charles Horak and you’re listening to On Film.

Today I talk to film producer, Javier Gonzalez, as he takes us through his journey as a Line Producer and Producer for major motion pictures that include most recently A24’s “Funny Pages” and Showtime’s “2nd Chance”, among many many more credits.

This show originally aired on February 25, 2023