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A New Hope

Photos by: Miguel Morales

Episode 01 establishes the hosts as the personality dynamic begins to be established by early discussion of where each of the hosts ‘come from’. SONGMINE digs a bit deeper to explore early musical interests, influences, and sentiments about music which may or may not currently represent Robbie, Andy, and Chris today. Andy provides credible insight as he too explores music via very similar tastes to Chris and Robbie despite the age difference and he is earning his bachelor's at The University of Texas at El Paso. Robbie (Dr. Avant-Mier) begins it all with a professor’s perspective (aka gives us ‘cred’). Telles opines about the democratization of musical discovery post MTV by generations post-’X’...and we dig.

Then every block of music post-discussion is filled like a classic ‘mix tape’ of songs ‘mined’ from host’s own tastes and experiences while thematically representing the conversation just had, mostly steering clear of music otherwise well-represented on commercial radio. We ‘dig deeper’ on SONGMINE. For example, during our ‘geek out’, praise is given to the Hulu series “The Bear” and the music which soundtracks the show but specifically one episode where the band The Replacements is mentioned more than a handful of times and their music plays throughout. Earlier on this SONGMINE episode, other band names checked as early musical influences were metal bands like Judas Priest because all hosts (and Andy’s parents) grew up on a heavy diet of THE classic of the ‘classic rock’ radio stations in El Paso, Texas. The show is quick to explain itself via this ‘mix tape’ by relating to those who now wear the metal t-shirt to the Wilco show (ala Wilco’s “Heavy Metal Drummer”). Brilliant? We think so.

SONGMINE invites geeks to dig in with us.

Welcome to Episode 1.