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City of Dreams

Publisher: William Morrow

Don Winslow is the author of twenty-one acclaimed and award-winning international bestsellers. Winslow lived in California and Rhode Island and was a former investigator, anti-terrorist trainer and trial consultant. Winslow’s work included New York Times bestsellers such as The Force and The Border, The Cartel, The Power of the Dog, Savages, and The Winter of Frankie Machine.

This classic novel includes the story of Danny Ryan who is wanted all over town. The FBI and police want him either dead or in prison while Ryan is on the run to start a new life. He then finds out Hollywood shoots a film about his former life, in which Ryan demands a piece of the action to rebuild his criminal empire. He then falls in love with a beautiful movie star who has a dark past of her own as well. Both are in deep trouble and could both be in great danger, so Ryan has to fight for his life in a action packed thriller.

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This show originally aired on May 14, 2023