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Dennis Bixler Marquez

On this week’s episode of We Are UT, Dr. Keith Pannell sits down with Dr. Dennis Bixler-Marquez, UTEP professor and director of Chicano Studies. Bixler-Marquez discusses his upbringing and what led him to take an interest in Chicano studies and the culture of the U.S.-Mexico border. Keith and Dennis take a trip down Bixler-Marquez’s childhood then go from his personal higher education to his journey to teaching his passion and even how KTEP helped him in becoming more knowledgeable about the border culture here in El Paso.

Dennis Bixler-Marquez is a native of Mexico City who has resided on the U.S.-Mexico border for most of his life. He completed a BA in Political Science/Spanish at the University of Texas at El Paso, where he earned his ME in sociocultural education and is currently a professor and Director of Chicano Studies. He earned a doctorate in bilingual and multicultural education and an MA in Spanish from Stanford University. His areas of research include language policy, ethnolinguistic groups in the American Southwest and Northern Mexico. His current research focus is on U.S.-Mexico border dynamics and immigration policy and practice. He is the lead editor of Chicano Studies: Survey and Analysis, 3rd. Ed.

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This interview originally aired on March 17, 2024.

London, England’s Dr. Keith Pannell created Science Studio in 1987 and has hosted the show for more than thirty years. With a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Pannell provides listeners with a unique insight on the sciences. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at UTEP.
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