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Exit Stage Left: Spring Edition ♬


Join host Tony Piña for this special spring edition of Exit Stage Left for more local bands and artists!

  • Showtime - A Minor in Cryptozoology
    This band is always very energetic live when they perform and present their hardcore punk sound to an unsuspecting audience, this song is the perfect song to best showcase their energy and aggression that they express live. Definitely try to catch these guys live if you ever get the chance!

  • Oceanic - Valiant Blues
    Valiant Blues is back at it again with a song from their latest EP “Dulzura”. This song contains such a spring and summer vibe as it combines a surf rock sound with a bit of reggae and Latin influenced sounds. It's the soundtrack for a laid-back day in a desert oasis. This song, alongside our soon-to-be-released EP "Rose Invicta", showcases our journey and evolution in sound.

  • G Force - Ness Daniels
    Ness Daniels is a very 80’s synthwave sounding artist, she was inspired to create such music after watching Stranger Things and experiencing the original soundtrack that went along with it. Her voice is really showcased in this song as well as the excellent beats and sounds she uses.

  • Modern Problems - TheOdicy 
    Modern Problems was inspired by 16-Bit video games, namely the SEGA Genesis Sonic The Hedgehog series’ music. Modeled after the funky bass lines and rebellious ‘attitude’ you might find in that era, the song really took cues from their infectious playfulness and sense of groove. “It felt only fitting to bring the vocals into modern times set against the backdrop of social media and meme culture almost becoming more real to many than the world beyond their phones.”- Louie from TheOdicy

  • 1985 - One Star Day
    An interesting fact about this song is that the drummer for this band is only nine years old, his name is Ryan Rodriguez and his dad is the guitarist. This song is essentially about the idea of being able to go back in time and change up a few situations and see how it really impacts the future, all this was inspired by the film “Back to The Future”.

  • Juntémonos - Axitia
    Juntemonos has a pretty interesting message to go along with its upbeat sound. According to the band it was inspired by a breakup which helped the writer to realize that our minds really do shape our realities around us.
  • Desert Man Song - Desert Lovers
    Desert Man Song was created by a group called Desert Lovers. The band consists of Alex and Cesar Valadez on vocals, Julio Ortega on drums, and Cesar Valadez also on Bass and guitar. Each member has another project going on so definitely keep an ear out for the next move they make.

  • La Chica Gothica - Frontera Bugalu
    This original fronteriza cumbia piece was released this year in March. It is definitely a fun one to dance to, the beat in this song can make any fan of music get up and start moving.

  • Nana Bersa - Llorarás
    Nana Bersa was recently featured in UTEP’s newspaper the Prospector where she discussed how she got interested in music and came up with her sound. “Lloraras” has a pop dreampop sound that really fits the spring and summer vibes.

  • Gold Coast - Stoney Blue Fish
    Stoneybluefish are back at it again with a new song titled “Gold Coast”, it was recently featured on their latest release “Necessities”, which was released late last year and they have been touring regionally to support it. This song starts with a guitar solo and builds into an energetic which ends full circle by ending in another guitar solo, the energy in this song really captures their stage presence as well as their overall attitude when it comes to music.

  • Into the Fire - ExRx Horrorvision  
    Veterans of the local music scene Epitaph Romance released an EP last year titled “Out of The Frying Pandemic”. The song has a heavy sound combined with a catchy chorus which merges both female and male vocals to help it stick in the listeners mind. The piano really compliments the sound and lends to their horror rock sound.

  • Shadow Valley - Dracula
    Despite this song having a title inspired by a famous Halloween character, the song has an energetic pyschobilly sound. These guys are laying low this year as they intend to work on a new album and plan out the next year, but they will be back on stage as soon as possible.

  • The End - Second Nature
    Second Nature is the brainchild of KLAQ’s Daniel Paulus since he decided to create this project during a time in his life when he didn’t feel like he was being very creative, so he used this project to force himself to be creative. This song was inspired by the amount of pressure he felt at the time as it just felt to him that everything was coming down around him.

This show originally aired on April 21, 2024.

Anthony Pina is part of the on-air talent, production crew, and also acts as an interview host. He has been in charge of recording and producing shows such as Good To Grow and the local musical showcase show "Exit Stage Left”; the latter which is co-hosted and co-produced with Daisy Morales.
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