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The sound of the Fiddle Henge comes to El Paso

Born of repurposed instruments augmented with 3D printing and robotics, the Fiddle Henge is a robotically controlled array of four violins mounted on a 24" bass drum that is played by a motorized acrylic disk. The inventor and operator is Ross Whightman. He spoke with Historical Musicologist Lindsey Macchiarella about his instrument and upcoming performance in El Paso.

Ross Whightman is a composer and faculty member at Yale University. He works at the Center for Collaborative Arts and Media. In this interview he discusses his teaching and interest in musical themes related to performance practice, virtuosity, timbre, and resonance. They also discuss the work of Harry Partch.

He will perform at Cafe con Leche with other solo performers that include Lawrence Brown III, Eric Howell and Amanda Ekery.

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Originally Broadcast on July 3, 2024.

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