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Words On A Wire
Sundays at Noon

Conversations with Writers, Artists, Thinkers.

Hosted by two professors from the Department of Creative Writing at UTEP, Words on a Wire has become one of the most established and influential radio shows on writing and creativity. 


Twelve years ago, it was hosted by Benjamin Alire Sáenz and Daniel Chacón. After Sáenz retired, Tim Z. Hernandez joined the team, and we have been going strong ever since. Our shows are available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and YouTube.

Airing locally Sundays at noon, each week Tim or Daniel have a conversation with someone whose work they admire, poets, fiction writers, philosophers, scientists, musicians. Because they are writers themselves, the main focus for the hosts is books, and if there’s a new one that they love, they welcome that writer on the show. 

We have had guests from first-time writers with new books to the world’s most established thinkers, such as former and current US Poet Laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, and great thinkers who have dedicate their lives to making the world a better place.

Words on a Wire is Co-produced by Creative Writing MFA candidates Claudia Flores Ramirez and Iliana Pichardo Urrutia.

  • In this episode one of Words on a Wire producers, author Ana Llurba, talks with Sara Cordón, Guillermo Severiche and Pedro Medina, about their bilingual creative writing and community projects.
  • Host Daniel Chacón talks to author Mariana Enriquez about her short stories collection The Dangers of Smoking in Bed.
  • Host Daniel Chacón talks to author Ana Llurba about her short stories collection Constelaciones familiares.
  • Host Daniel Chacón talks to author Maria M. Maloney about her book Cracked Spaces (Pandora Lobo, 2021).
  • In celebration of Mother’s Day we bring a special episode where Andrea Cote Botero and Jazmina Barrera, mothers and writers discuss their writing journeys and motherhood. Also, we have Rosa Alcalá reading her amazing poem "Matrilineal" originally published in The Rumpus.
  • Host Daniel Chacón talks with poet, story writer and translator Arturo Mantecón about his book El día más delicioso de mi vida.
  • Host Daniel Chacón talks to writer Reyna Grande about her new book A Ballad of Love and Glory (2022).
  • Host Daniel Chacón talks with Chicano political poet, essayist and activist, Matt Sedillo.
  • Host Daniel Chacón talks to writer and artist Octavio Quintanilla, author of the poetry collection, If I Go Missing (Slough Press, 2014) as well as Wasted Time (Alabrava Press, 2019).
  • Host Daniel Chacón talks to writer Melanie Márquez Adams.