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Taboo U

Chris Telles

In this, the 2nd episode of SONGMINE (Side A) Chris & Andy begin by wishing Robbie a happy birthday, noting he shares the same date with a certain boomer rocker legend while taking the opportunity to both salute the classic canon of rock & roll as well allowing all the generations since, some long-deserved oxygen and breathing room in the continuing ‘dig’ of geeked-out conversation. Later in this first hour, Andy & Robbie join Chris in respect and reflection regarding the up and down life of the late Sinead O’Connor.

By the end of side A, Robbie poses a major question; “country?”.

Side B (hour 2 STREAMING/Podcast ONLY) starts with a challenge to Robbie's 'dogma' and Chris' lovingly roasting of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' back catalog. Later the guys cause a radio riot as Andy watches with wide eyes and popcorn while Robbie & Chris hotly debate the merits and evolution in thinking regarding artists with ‘problematic pasts’. Of course, SONGMINE digs a bit deeper where pressures may get intense. Thus, SONGMINE digs into a logical progression within personal ideologies upon confrontation with these hard questions. Where do we draw the line when celebrating art gifted to an ever-evolving, more socially responsible world of cultures?

Maybe it all just starts with dancing. We hope so.

Welcome back into the mine. SONGMINE.

Roberto Avant-Mier (PhD, University of Utah) is an Associate Professor and Research Fellow in the Department of Communication at The University of Texas at El Paso, and he is also affiliated faculty in Chicano Studies at UTEP. <br/>
For his thesis project, Host/Producer/Editor, El Paso native, Chris Telles is utilizing the assets at the University of Texas at El Paso as a ‘lab’ to build what he aspires to become an updated foundation of media delivery and content incubated and generated for and by students via KTEP, by expanding the platform including streaming and ‘podcast’.
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