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In many ways this holiday mix SONGMINE envelopes all that our show yearns to be. We wanna have fun. Sometimes irreverent, even a little heated, we often make ourselves laugh like kids (of varying age). To us, this wave of KTEPers, is what college radio ever hoped to be. Work, for sure. But a blast at work doing what we at KTEP love and live; music. For this holiday we look around and feel as humbled as we are newly emboldened.

Because here we go.

May this special SONGMINE Winter Holiday Mix take you on the sleigh ride that is the human spectrum of holiday emotions, including fun. Whether you podcast SONGMINE over a fireplace, a space heater. in your car or straight in your ears, we feel lucky to be sharing this deep mine of modern music to last a lifetime.....and with KTEP.

Hugz from the mine from Robbie, Andy & Chris

Roberto Avant-Mier (PhD, University of Utah) is an Associate Professor and Research Fellow in the Department of Communication at The University of Texas at El Paso, and he is also affiliated faculty in Chicano Studies at UTEP. <br/>
For his thesis project, Host/Producer/Editor, El Paso native, Chris Telles is utilizing the assets at the University of Texas at El Paso as a ‘lab’ to build what he aspires to become an updated foundation of media delivery and content incubated and generated for and by students via KTEP, by expanding the platform including streaming and ‘podcast’.
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