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Love Will Keep Us Together / Tear Us Apart

This SONGMINE "Love Will Keep Us Together / Tear Us Apart" MIXTAPE edition is for the lovers and the others regarding matters of the heart.

Side A is the sugar and the sweet. Side B is for the more sour and the dour. In the spirit of love and love longing or lost; SONGMINE digs it all up just for you.

As the heart shaped Pepto-flavored hard candy says, "Be mine" the mine. SONGMINE.
Yours Truly; Andy, Bo & Chris

SONGMINE is a show for the pop/alternative music geek. The show’s mission is to give deserved and more in-depth conversation to “good” songs. Riding the edge between pop success and “deep cuts,” SONGMINE digs deeper for less mainstream but very deserving music based on the background and knowledge of the three hosts: Dr. Roberto Avant-MierAndy Rosalesand Christopher Telles.

Roberto Avant-Mier (PhD, University of Utah) is an Associate Professor and Research Fellow in the Department of Communication at The University of Texas at El Paso, and he is also affiliated faculty in Chicano Studies at UTEP. <br/>
For his thesis project, Host/Producer/Editor, El Paso native, Chris Telles is utilizing the assets at the University of Texas at El Paso as a ‘lab’ to build what he aspires to become an updated foundation of media delivery and content incubated and generated for and by students via KTEP, by expanding the platform including streaming and ‘podcast’.
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