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Homelessness and Food Insecurity Among Students

Vianey Alderete Contreras
Dr. Jessica Ayala, Dr. Eva Moya, Louie Saenz, and Dr. Amy Wagler at the KTEP 88.5 FM studio at Cotton Memorial Building in the UTEP campus.

“ I live in a mentally abusive household, and I am constantly getting kicked out.” This is a quote from a UTEP student who responded to a questionnaire as part of a three-year study conducted by UTEP professors who were researching homelessness, and food insecurity among students.

On The Weekend, we spoke with three of the five professors conducting the study. They talked about the study which showed that just a year ago there were almost 15 thousand Food Insecure students on campus. What do those numbers mean today and what has changed?

About the guests:

Dr. Eva Moya is a native of the U.S.-Mexico border. She is a specialist in border health, with more than 40 years of professional experience in the U.S.-Mexico border region.

Dr. Amy Wagler is an Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Mathematical Sciences. She also directs the Date Analytics Lab and the doctoral program in date science.

Dr. Jessica Ayala is a professor in UTEP’s Department of Social Work.