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What did the internet call 'satanic'? Find out in the news quiz

From left: Harrison Butker, a slug, JoJo Siwa
Jason Hanna/Getty Images; Vicky Barlow/@thehidephotography; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
From left: Harrison Butker, a slug, JoJo Siwa

Sunday, May 19, marks the one-year anniversary of the NPR news quiz, which opened with Victor Wembanyama and ended with a rainbow slug. Since then, the news has gifted us such fodder as ChatGPT, George Santos,British royals and Barbie. We learned that Jack Smith had a mullet; that one of the Barbies, unlike J. Robert Oppenheimer, has a Nobel Prize in Physics; and that a spotless baby giraffe is kind of creepy.

So, were you paying attention — all year? We hope so.

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Holly J. Morris
Holly J. Morris works on NPR's Training team. She was an editor at The Washington Post Express, National Geographic and U.S. News and World Report, and a college teacher.
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