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Alejandro Morales

Host Daniel Chacón invites author Alejandro Morales into the Poets’ Cove to discuss his new novel, The Place of the White Heron (Tia Chucha Press, 2023).

The Place of the White Heron is a parable for the twenty-first century, an allegory of the violence, racism, and international tensions between the United States and México. Protagonist J. I. Cruz embodies a mythic female character needed in our besieged times. Allusions to pre-Columbian goddesses and other Mexican mythological, religious, artistic, spiritual, and historical figures are part of her psychological and spiritual identity.

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Originally aired on April 7, 2024

Daniel Chacón’s collection of stories, Unending Rooms, was the 2007 winner of the Hudson Prize. He has also been awarded the American Book Award, the Chris Isherwood Foundation Grant, and the Southwest Book Award. His first collection of stories, Chicano Chicanery was a finalist in the Patterson Fiction Prize and his novel and the shadows took him is available from Simon and Schuster. His new book is a collection of stories called Hotel Júarez: Stories, Rooms and Loops. He’s a professor of Fiction Writing, Kafka, and Latino/a literature in the Creative Writing Department at UTEP.
Will Rose is a longtime technology and marketing executive based out of NYC and Texas. He is the co-founder of Words on a Wire’s publishing imprint, eRadical Books, and now spearheads marketing strategy for the Words on a Wire podcast. He also serves as Chief Technology Officer at the EdTech startup, Student Select, and as Head of Data Science at the artificial intelligence company, Harqen AI.
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