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The summer season is upon us, which means hotter temperatures and plenty of sunshine. This week, we revisit our conversation with dermatologist Dr. Karen Herman as she shares tips on proper sun protection, that can be practiced not just during certain seasons, but year-round. 

In Mexican lucha libre there is a subset of wrestlers known as exóticos who compete in drag. It just so happens that one of the most prolific exoticos, Cassandro, was born and raised in Cd. Juarez, and currently makes El Paso his home.

He also happens to be the first exótico to win a world title. Today, we are dedicating our entire show to getting to know our homegrown exiotico, Cassandro.

Part 2 of our interview with lucha libre exotico Cassandro.


Most cinephiles are movie watchers, not movie listeners however music plays a very important role in movies. From enhancing and supporting the images we see music plays a vital role in any movie experience. Host Charles Horak speaks to Professor of Music Dr. Charles Leinberger, from the University of Texas at El Paso, to discuss the importance of music in film. 

It's been growing by 5,000 members every year, and there are chapters everywhere from Prague, to Bhutan and across the United States. This week we visited with Maribel Villalva, Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations, and Crystal Saavedra, Coordinator of Chapter/Network Development, from the UTEP Alumni Relations as they discussed the upcoming 7th annual Alumni Pick-Nic.

More information on the event can be found here.

Most people don’t understand the fact that all life is interconnected. This week, we visited with Collette Adkins, Senior Attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity, as we discussed the importance of protecting endangered species. Adkins works in the Endangered Species Program, where she focuses on combating exploitation and cruel treatment of rare wildlife. 

Do you find yourself going from one diet to another in an effort to lose weight? This week, we spoke with Josh LaJaunie as he tells us how he lost over 200 pounds and maintains that weight loss through a plant-based diet and exercise.


This week, we continue our "Best Of" series by featuring our conversation with Professor Thilo Hoffman from the Department of Environmental Geosciences at the University of Vienna. Hofmann is studying the role of nanoparticles in water. Are they harmful? Is it easy to remove them? How would we remove them? To answer some of these questions, listen in to this edition of Science Studio.


Over the summer, the Words on a Wire hosts likes to take a little break and dedicate the time to more reading and writing. This week, we begin our summer series where we listen back to our favorite conversations from our most recent season and to start us off is our conversation with Erika L. Sánchez!
Erika L. Sánchez is a poet, fiction writer, and essayist and we revisit our conversation about her book of poems Lessons on Expulsion.

El Paso Museum of Art and the Museo de Arte de Ciudad Juárez present the 5th Transborder Biennial, marking a decade of collaboration in one of the world’s densest metro borderplexes. Jurors Gilbert Vicario, Selig Family Chief Curator at the Phoenix Art Museum, and Carlos E. Palacios, Curator at Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, worked with MACJ staff and EPMA Curator Kate Green to select artists for the exhibition, which is presented simultaneously at EPMA and MACJ. 

El Paso Museum of Art and the Museo de Arte de Ciudad Juárez present the 5th Transborder Biennial, marking a decade of collaboration in one of the world’s densest metro borderplexes.  Two artists that are part of this year’s biennial, Leon De La Rosa-Carrillo and Abraham Avila, discuss their work.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - but that's not always the case when it comes to weeds. Spurge, bindweed, and puncturevine are common weeds this time of the year. But first, you need to identify them in order to control them. This week, we share tips on how to tend to your garden if facing an issue with weeds.

The local film community has seen the launch of several programs lately to financially support the production of movies in the borderland. One new project hopes to add not just financial help, but training and advice as well. The Dogma 18 Project is designed to foster cooperation and increase short-filmmaking and increase short filmmaking in the region, and here to tell us more about it are two of the project's creators and facilitators Austin Savage and James Arrabito.

Are you making a difference in someone's life? Have you read, or seen a presentation that's impacted you? This week, we visited with Dr. Gina Nuñez, Director of Women and Gender Studies here at the University of Texas at El Paso. Dr. Nuñez shared details on this year's Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social (MALCS) Summer Institute, which is an organization of Chicanas/Latinas and Native American women working in academia and in community settings with a common goal: to work toward the support, education and dissemination of Chicana/Latina and Native American women’s issues. 

More information: malcs.org & malcs.utep.edu.

It's hot, hot, hot! And we need to keep ourselves and our plants healthy throughout the summer heat. This week, we shared tips on how to water efficiently this season.


Every summer Science Studio likes to take a little break and look back on all the guests from this season. This week, we begin our "Best Of" selection by revisiting our conversation with Sara Seager, an astrophysicist and planetary scientist at MIT, who has dedicated her research on theory, computation, and data analysis of exoplanets. Her research has introduced many new ideas to the field of exoplanet characterization, including work that led to the first detection of an exoplanet atmosphere.

Annie Lanzillotto is an American author, poet, songwriter, director, actor, and performance artist. Lanzillotto and host Tim Hernandez have a history together, as Lanzillotto was one of his mentors at Naropa University. This week, the two had the opportunity to reunite and discuss Lanzillotto's latest work, Hard Candy/Pitch, Roll Yaw.

Where can you go to see various species of birds, participate in sun salutations, and enjoy live music performed by African drummers?  This week, Mike and Rubyann Gaglio joined us to share more details on the upcoming Summer Solstice Party at the Keystone Heritage Park & El Paso Desert Botanical Garden.

More information available here and on Facebook.

In the work of artists Jessica Hankey and Erin Johnson, theatricality is a means of enlarging the self and creating new realities. In their multi-channel video installation Salidas y Entradas | Exits and Entrances, participants from three of El Paso’s senior centers explore the boundaries between rehearsal, improvisation, performance, and critique. 

Paradox Traveling Art is mobile art installation created by El Paso/Juarez artist Laura Turon which is housed within a converted school bus. We first checked in with Laura when she was first taking her bus to the streets, and today we catch up with her to see how you can make your own three-dimensional abstract images using the paradox drawing system and see your art become part of the traveling art installation. 

The summer blockbuster season is upon us, and the Star Wars franchise has a new entry that Disney hopes will expand their future Lucasfilm roster. Frequent On Film contributor Jeanna Creel joined us to discuss the pros and cons of the latest Star Wars spinoff and also review the 19th-century arctic adventure horror miniseries, The Terror.

Do you enjoy talking about different topics? Sometimes, making sure your side is heard? Well, now you have your chance. This week we visited with Norma Gradsky, Mike Brookes, and Alexis Vega to learn more about The Talk of Texas, and how you can be part of their summer camp.

Michael Campbell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Howard University. This week, we discussed Campbell's ongoing research in a very prominent, and very delicate, topic - what's the color of your skin have to do with race? Campbell's research team aims to understand the genetic basis of complex diseases that disproportionately affect African and African American populations. His main research interest revolved around studying the levels and patterns of African diversity to expand current knowledge concerning relationships among African populations, demographic history and modern human origins.

Donal Hall is an American poet, writer, editor, literary critic, and is considered one of the major American poets of his generation. We've had the pleasure of having Mr. Hall on the program several times before, each ending on the assumption that would be his last book. However, Mr. Hall proves his passion for writing is strong and persistent, and this week, we had the opportunity to discuss his latest work, A Carnival of Losses: Notes Nearing Ninety

We all feel anxious from time-to-time. Some of us, however, cannot handle the emotions as well as others. This week, we visited with Fabiola Ekleberry, Kathy Giovas and Georgina Sanchez who discussed details on the 2nd annual Trauma and Resilience in the Borderland Conference.

More information on the event and registration available here.

Though it's still Spring, climbing temperatures may have you thinking otherwise. However you choose to spend your summertime, we hope that you spend a little time in the garden. We share some outdoor watering tips to keep you cool while keeping your wallet happy.

Few of the 20th century's movie stars are as iconic, or globally-recognizable, as Marilyn Monroe. An upcoming stage play will survey some of the famous blonde's film and musical moments, as well as her turbulent relationships and private life. This week, we visited with Erin Sullivan, who performs as Marilyn Monroe, in the stage adaptation With Love, Marilyn

More details and tickets available here.

Dr. Adriana Dominguez, Director of Audience Development for the Department of Theatre and Dance, visits with us to give us an insight on what the UTEP Department of Theatre and Dance has planned for the summer, as well as a quick peek into their next season.

More information on the summer camps can be found here.

Now in its 8th year, Neon Desert Music Fesival has become a downtown El Paso staple. This year features music of all genres including Mexican alternative rock band Café Tacuba, Columbian electro pop group Bomba Esterio, hip hop superstar Lil Wayne and Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane.

Here to tell us about everything happening at Neon Desert is artist hospitality manager Caroline Vazquez.

Since early 2018 Kate Green has held the position of Curator at the El Paso Museum of Art. Formerly, she served as Guest Director of Marfa Contemporary, Curator of Education and Exhibitions at Artpace, Curatorial Assistant at MoMA PS1, and Educator at Dia Art Foundation.

Aside from the upcoming border biennial, Green is currently working on an exhibition at the El Paso Museum of Art which will feature works by José Guadalupe Posada and Augustin Victor Casasola alongside new and commissioned artworks by Andrea Bowers, Rafa Esparza, and Cruz Ortiz.