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WORDS ON A WIRE: Juan Felipe Herrera (extended)

From Oct. 14, 2012, an extended interview with Juan Felipe Herrera,California Poet Laureate. Herrera is the first Hispanic Poet Laureate in the state. He talks about how he’s using the exposure to create the biggest poem in the world built on the theme of Unity. He also talks about the “I Promise Joanna” Project, which invites teachers, students, and all victims of bullying to share their stories in memory of 11-year-old Joanna Ramos, who died while being victimized by bullies. Herrera also talks about his current project - a staged presentation of monologues & poems based on interviews with Cuca & Eva Aguirre, 1930’s radio stars from the El Paso-Juarez region. In this expanded conversation, he also talks about a recent "Lowrider Laureate Parade" he participated in with other California Laureates. He also explores his role as a keeper of metaphor. Juan Felipe Herrera contributes to this week’s Poem of the Week by reading a few lines from his new play about Cuca & Eva Aguirre.