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Words On A Wire

Sundays at 12 noon

Words on a Wire is a show about fiction, poetry, the writing community, the publishing world and whatever other issues concern literary writers and readers of books. Hosted by two active writers, each show will include an interview with an established or emerging writer who has a new book, from famous award-winning veterans to hot young writers with books to watch out for.

On “Poem of the Week” we will read a poem from a collection we love or talk about a new book we have just discovered, or sometimes re-discovered. We also have a segment called “Poetic License” which is our way of giving writers their say. We hand over to writers we admire a few minutes to talk about whatever they want.

Host Daniel Chacon welcomes author and musician Ted O'Connell, winner of the Tobias Wolff award in fiction to discuss the creative process.


  In today´s episode of Words on a Wire, host, Tim Z. Hernandez interviews poet Aideed Medina. 

Medina, is a poet from Salinas CA, based on Fresno CA. She attended Fresno State  and has published two pieces with the University journal, including her piece ´Flies, Cockroaches and Poets´

Medina is also a member of the Loud Mouth Poetry Slam Team to The 25th Annual National Poetry Slam in Oakland California since  2014.


  In today’s episode of Words on a Wire host, Daniel Chacon, interviews fiction writer  Lorraine M. Lopez on her new book “Postcards from the Gerund State.” Lopez is an associate professor of English teaching in the M.F.A. program in Creative Writing at Vanderbilt University.  She is the author of six books of fiction and editor or co-editor of two essay collections.  Her short story collection, Soy la Avon Lady and Other Stories won the inaugural Miguel Marmól prize for fiction.  Her second book, Call Me Henri was awarded the Paterson Prize for Young Adult Literature in 2007, and her novels, The Gifted Gabaldón Sisters and The Realm of Hungry Spirits (Grand Central Press, 2011) were a Borders/Las Comadres Selections

    In this episode of Words on a Wire, host Daniel Chacon interviews Carlos Fidel Espinoza about his new book ‘How to Lie to a Customs Agent.’ His book is a collection of poetry that explores the experiences, triumphs, and pains of life on the border. Fidel Espinosa holds a Bilingual Master of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at El Paso. He teaches creative writing and literature at the University of Texas at El Paso, and El Paso Community College  

In today's episode listen to host Tim Z. Hernandez talk to poet Seema Reza. She is the CEO of Community Building Art Works, a unique arts organization that encourages the use of the arts as a tool for narration, self-care, and socialization among a military population struggling with emotional and physical injuries. Reza’s work with veterans is featured in the 2018 HBO documentary We Are Not Done Yet. She was awarded the Col John Gioia Patriot Award by the USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore for her work with service members.

In today's episode listen to the conversation between host Daniel Chacon and poet Francisco Aragon about his most recent work ‘About Rubén.’ Aragon’s poems and translations have appeared in various print and online journals, as well as numerous anthologies. His work as a translator includes four books by Francisco X. Alarcón, as well as work by Spanish poets Federico García Lorca and Gerardo Diego.

In today's episode, host Daniel Chacon talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and former U.S. Poet Laureate, Tracy K Smith. In this interview, Smith talks about her book ‘Wade in the Water,’ her early years discovering the craft of poetry, and her role as a professor at Princeton University with the new generation of writers.

  Host Tim Hernandez welcomes Author and Professor of English Rebecca Balcarcel to discuss her debut novel The Other Side Of Being Happy.

Host Daniel Chacon welcomes poet Carolina Ebeid author of the poetry collection"You asked me to talk about the Interior" and whose work has appeared in numerous publications.

Host Daniel Chacon welcomes award winning poet and author Felicia Zamora to discuss her work and inspirations.

Host Daniel Chacon and co-host Amit Ghosh of Border Senses welcome Professor David Bowles from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and author of "They Call Me Guero" and " The Smoking Mirror" .

Tim and Daniel address the controversy surrounding the new book "American Dirt" while discussing some of their favorite reads and authors. 

Host Daniel Chacon welcomes award-winning writer and noted literary translator C.M. Mayo to discuss her new book, "Metaphysical Odyssey in the Mexican Revolution".

Host Daniel Chacon gets interviewed by fellow author Sergio Troncoso.

Words on a Wire - Moses Ayoub

Feb 6, 2020

Host Daniel Chacon welcomes El Paso artist Moses Ayoub who studied art at UTEP and the Instituto Helenico in Mexico City.

Host Daniel Chancon welcomes Award winning author and poet Bojan Louis to discuss his new book of poems titled Currents.

Host Daniel Chacon welcomes former student and author Timothy Dodd to discuss his new work Fissures and Other Stories.

Host Daniel Chacon welcomes author Ivelisse Rodriguez. She earned a B.A. in English from Columbia University, an M.F.A. in creative writing from Emerson College, and a Ph.D. in English-creative writing from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her latest book is Love War Stories.

Host Tim Hernandez welcomes poet, performer, artist, Amalia Ortiz to discuss her life growing up and her new book The Cancion Cannibal Cabaret.

Host Tim Hernandez welcomes poet and writer Daniel T. Melonas to discuss his new book of poems, Why Resuce is an Anagram for Secure.

Host Daniel Chacon welcomes back Professor Lawrence Welsh to discuss his new collaboration "Cuting the Wire: Photographs and Poems from the US-Mexico Border".

Words on a Wire - Carley Moore/ Diana Martinez

Nov 18, 2019

Host Tim Hernandez welcomes essayist, novelist and poet Carley Moore and political activist to discuss her work and UTEP Professor Diana Martinez who helped organize the release of children held at the Tornillo Detention Center.

Host Tim Hernandez welcomes author Natalia Sylvester to the program to discuss her new book and inspiration for writing Everyone Knows You Go Home. 

Host and author Daniel Chacon welcomes Chicana feminist writer and poet from Austin, Texas Ire'ne Lara Silva to discuss her new book Cuicacalli: House of Song.

Host Tim Hernandez sits down with Co-host Daniel Chacon to talk about Daniel's new book Kafka in a Skirt: Stories from the Wall.