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President Garfield: From Radical to Unifier

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

C.J. Goodyear is an author and Historian based in Washington D.C. Goodyear was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and graduated from Yale University. Goodyear’s famous work includes The Biography of our 20th President as well as One Mission: How Leaders Build a Teams of Teams in which he was the co-author with Chris Fussell.

In this powerful biography, Goodyear charts the life and times of President James Garfield, one of the most remarkable Americans ever to win the U.S. Presidency. Garfield served as a peacemaker in a Republic party and America defined by divisions. He worked his way to the presidency as a progressive statesman trying to raise a more righteous and peaceful Republic coming off the Civil War. Goodyear then states how Garfield succeeded in nudging the country back to peaceful and calmer politics.

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Originally aired on July 16, 2023