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Exit Stage Left | Playlist ♬ Vol. II

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Arely Avitia

  • The 1-800 - Decimal
    If you are active on TikTok, you might have heard their catchy song Lovewave, that has almost reached 6 million plays on Spotify. The 1-800’s take us through romance and full circles; starting with their trademark “Hello”, we answer the call to a story going from the realization, to the notion of loss. to letting it out and then letting go to start again.

  • LizTina - Por Mientras
    Inspired by Mexican artist Carla Morrison, LizTina poured her heart into this love song that brings us to the realization that nothing ever lasts and just like a 3 minute song, your love can also come to an end. 10 years in the business back Liz up and she often remembers her earlier days playing in open mics where her love for music grew stronger.

  • Circa Arcana - Luna
    Released in February 18th of this year, along with its 4 siblings, Luna is the quiet kid
    in Circa Arcana's EP by the name Birdget Viginti; since the release of this 22 minutes and 19 seconds monster, the band has played along massive talents such as Godsmack, Ice Nine Kills and Motionless In White to name a few. Covid did so many wrongs but forming Circa Arcana into a band was not one of them, this group of friends grew together with music during the awful pandemic and bonded over Fortnite, anime and heavy guitar riffs.

  • Denim Haircut - Black Cat
    Funded by native El Pasoan and frontman Julian Madrid, and with their first full-length album due January 2023, we have yet another nostalgia band, influenced by classic psych rock bands of the 60s and 70s; Denim Haircut delights us with a dreamy, rhythmic filld and guitar-driven vibe. Painting the frame for us, these guys bring Black Cat, a spooky title for a song that evokes the image of mirrors, curses and witches bonfires in the moonlight. Is someone missing Halloween as much as I am?

  • The Rosie Varela Project - My sunshine
    If there is something Rosie knows how to do is being herself, even through a breakup, and these 4 minutes and 47 seconds prove it. Released in June through Hogar Records, My Sunshine is that song you want to hear while you’re driving through Scenic Drive just feeling those synths flow from the bottom of whatever you are dealing with. With an ending that feels like a goodbye, My Sunshine is just what you need to ring this New Year off.

  • Sighbersinner - NeonRenegade
    Now this might be a reach, but if you are into Stranger Things and darkwave music, then I would imagine this song would be your cup of tea. Try listening to this one as you drive through the city at night, it might make you feel like you’re a protagonist in a sci-fi show.

  • Danny Braw - Fire
    If you need a song to lighten up your New Years party, here is one that could do the trick. It does start out slowly but it does take off and turns into a song that sounds like the 2010s songs you would hear in a club.

  • Deliah Blue - More Gas
    Deliah Blue has been in the scene for a while now, they have released their album titled “Movies” this year. Their alternative style blending elements from different genres is present in this song as it plays over a steady beat.

  • StoneyBlueFish - Get Monkee
    StoneyBlueFish has been very active this year as they have played multiple shows here in El Paso and in Las Cruces, they also have an idea to tour sometime in the near future. This song is such a burst of energy and combines funk with a punk attitude, definitely check these guys out live as they will make it worth your while.

  • Mark A Fowler - Charles Wright
    Here is a smooth easy listening jam, if you need a nice song to wake you up in the morning, this calm instrumental will do the trick.

  • La Fermata - La Guerra
    La Guerra is a song that is described as “retro-modern”. It blends modern sounds with hints of an older style. A member of the band tells us that it is an anti-war song.

  • Civil Serpents- Boot Straps & Guillotines
    If you’re interested in songs that have a heavier style and more aggressive vocal style, this song is it. It's a high energy song.

  • CNVCT- WVLVES (ft. Spencer Timmomns)
    If you are a fan of extreme metal then try listening to this song titled “Wvlves” by CNVCT. This is a musical onslaught of metal which lasts about 3 minutes, the vocals on this track are also performed by a singer from another band that goes by the name of Saltwound. If you need to release some aggression today, listen to this track.
Subtraction Plan - Leave It Up To You.mp3

  • Subtraction Plan - Leave It All To You
    Henry, Esgar and Jonas got along because of music and through Leave It All To You they bring that bittersweet message about the disconnection between lovers and the struggle to reconcile differences and trying to keep the relationship alive through the riptides of life. This band is made up of bits and pieces of others bands and is now making music faithful to their punk rock, industrial and darkwave roots. Don’t miss their debut EP “El Valle del Sol” available in all major streaming services early January.