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Documentary filmmaker, Kevin Ford, has just finished his latest project that focuses on the contentious yet bravely changing political climate of Texas. His new documentary explores how politicians, activists, and everyday citizens are beginning to pushback against the harmful rhetoric and policies of our current political status quo. Within the film, Ford specifically focuses on the 2018 midterm political campaigns of El Paso locals, Veronica Escobar and Beto O'Rourke. The Pushback is set to be released on virtual platforms on October 6, and Ford has organized a free virtual premier at 4:00 p.m. on October 5 with a panel that includes both Veronica Escobar and Beto O'Rourke. The Pushback is sure to serve as not only a contemporary look at the current social state of Texas but also as a historical document of the changing tides in Texas. 

Hosting a film festival in the COVID-19 era is no easy task. However, Angie Reza Tures of Femme Frontera is proving that, although it may be hard, it is surely accomplishable. The annual local film festival is going online this year with an impressive lineup set to premier this upcoming November. This local showcase with international zeal is sure to enamor audiences and help to further push female issues and professionals in the cinematic industry despite the current hurdles of living in the pandemic. 

UTEP Arts Alive is an interdisciplinary collaboration showcasing the diversity and vibrancy of the arts in the face of the global pandemic.

The idea is to put the beauty of the University on display by including a wide range of departments - Music, Theater, English and more. The program will also provide a virtual connection to iconic campus locations for those who cannot visit at this time.

Socorro Youth in Culture is an arts program based out of the Rio Vista Community Center in Socorro, Texas.

The program began in January of 2020 but of course this global pandemic had other plans for them. Faced with the possibility of shuttering the program, they instead pivoted to remote learning by providing free art classes on the City of Socorro’s Facebook page.

ACT Radio welcomes Erica Meier, Executive Director for Animal Outlook and has been a vegan for over 25 years.

You are about to hear the fourth and final play in the Reunion Revolucion Radio festival, El Toro y la Niña by Julia Rosa Sosa.

La Niña is a little traviesa that has a complicated relationship with the world, including her Abuela. One night, after yet another disagreement with her Abuela, she unexpectedly begins a journey with a bull looking for a new life, a life away from bullfighting. Join these two unlikely friends on a search for their definition of home.

Julia Rosa Sosa is an El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez native. Upon graduating from The University of Texas at El Paso, Julia has focused on projects that resonate with her Latinx Community and has been part of Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Mojada: Una Medea in Los Angeles by Luis Alfaro (Assistant Director), and Native Gardens at Cleveland Play House (CPH) to Robert Barry Fleming (Assistant Director).

For this week of On Film, guest host, Kyle Alvarado, streamed with, local filmmaker, James Arrabito about the release of his upcoming project I See a Darkness. From a Seed&Spark campaign to anticipated festival presentations across the world, James spoke about the triumphs and pitfalls of producing and releasing a local microbudget film in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. With an emphasis on experimental filmmaking techniques and interpretative symbolism, I See a Darkness helps to bring the local film industry closer to innovative forefronts and streaming screens of domestic and foreign festivals. 

You are about to hear the third play in the Reunion Revolucion Radio festival: a farm for meme by Virginia Grise. It is a monologue told in two voices.

A butterfly sits in a walnut tree on a 14-acre farm in the middle of South Central Los Angeles; a mother and her three boys live in a tent in an encampment trying to save the farm from police and bulldozers; an artist norteada plants tomato plants in potholes hoping they will break open the concrete. a farm for meme is a story about semilleros and the South Central Farm, built in a vacant lot after the 1992 LA rebellion.

Virginia Grise is a recipient of the Yale Drama Award, Whiting Writers’ Award, the Princess Grace Award in Theatre Directing, and the Playwrights’ Center’s Jerome Fellowship. Her published work includes Your Healing is Killing Me (Plays Inverse Press), blu (Yale University Press), The Panza Monologues cowritten with Irma Mayorga (University of Texas Press) and an edited volume of Zapatista communiqués titled Conversations with Don Durito (Autonomedia Press).

Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan interviewed at border wall

El PASO --KTEP's Angela Kocherga interviews Acting U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan during a stop in El Psao to tour a section of border wall.  Morgan talked about what he calls the "wall system" and answered questions about a private barrier built by "We Build the Wall." The founder of that organization and president Trump's former adviser Steve Bannon were indicted for fraud and money laundering tied to the fundraising for the private wall.

Host Louie Saenz welcomes Dr. to Fullerton, Professor of Economics and Finance at UTEP to discuss the economy during the pandemic.

This week's episode of On Film continues the immense discussion of the American Western from last week. With a discussion of the waning prominence of the Western, a reforming of the Western into police procedurals during the 1970's, and the controversial historical revisionism of some films, there was a plethora of topics discussed with Sunhouse Arts' Celine Dipp. 

You are about to hear the second play in the Renuion Revolucion Radio festival: Masterclass from a Broken Angel or Drowning Fish, by Georgina Escobar.

It is day 182 of “The Great American Cloistering” of 2020. Esther has found a new passion for day drinking and turning her closets into living rooms. Mud is recently obsessed with baking and with having babies.

When Esther receives a new version of the “Echo Dot” from her husband Mud, she soon realizes there might be something amuck with the technology—or has she just been drinking too much?

Georgina H. Escobar is a Ciudad Juárez-native playwright & director who currently splits her time between El Paso, Texas and NYC. She is a MacDowell Fellow, Djerassi Resident, and recipient of the National Kennedy Center Darrell Ayers Playwriting Award. Her work has been featured in the Kilroys List, The Texas Review, Los Bárbaros, McSweeney’s Anthology, and New Passport Press.

As the theatre group Los Actores wraps up its live production tribute to Luis Valdez, a new play is quickly on its way! When Nature Calls is an inventive virtual performance written by Josefina Lopez and directed by Joanne López-Padilla. The play stitches together a variety of monologues that emphasize concerns for climate change and activism. The digital play will premiere on September 13 at 4:00 p.m. streamed on Zoom for free. Donations are highly encouraged.


Sisters Ali and Celine Dipp have been on a mission this summer - exploring various artistic representations of the Southwest. For this week's episode, Celine Dipp switched roles and interviewed our very own Chuck Horak about the history, representation, and artistic flare of the American Western. With a discussion ranging from the beginning of the Western genre with Thomas Edison's early films to a retrospective look at some of the outdated social values of the genre, there was an immense analysis of Western cinema and its artistic effects.  Their project is set to be released this upcoming Labor Day at 2:00 p.m.

You are about to hear the first play in the Renuion Revolucion Radio festival: Borderline, by Andrew Siañez De La O. We will be hearing an abbreviated version of the full-length play which was adapted as a radio excerpt for this festival.

“In the old cotton fields of Socorro, Texas, Enzo and Rosita have snuck away to write ghost stories, while Tony and Veronica are both building up the courage to tell the other a secret. Threatened by a creature in the darkness, these two generations will have to rely on each other and the voice of the repentant Tío Ofelio to escape the desert alive.”

Andrew Siañez-De La O is a Boston based Mexican-American playwright from El Paso, Texas. He is currently a Huntington Playwriting Fellow, supported by the Stanford Calderwood Fund for New American Plays, at the Huntington Theatre Company, Boston Massachusetts.

His work has been developed with support from Corkscrew Theatre Festival, The Playwrights Realm, Pipeline Theatre Company, Company One, Echo Theatre Company, and the Writers Room of Boston. He writes for the Latinx Children’s Fiction podcast, “Timestorm,” with Cocotazo Media.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has greatly altered the way many of us go about our lives, and with that struggle comes the triumph of innovation in the face of adversity. That is exactly what UTEP is doing with its new interdisciplinary collaborative project - UTEP Arts Alive. Felipa Solis, Director of the UTEP Center of Art Entrepreneurship, called into the KTEP studios this week to discuss the upcoming virtual showcase project that incorporates work from a variety of students and faculty across multiple departments. 

 ACT Radio interviews...Sangita Iyer a Health and Environmental journalist and wildlife film maker and producer of director of "Gods in Shackles"....

 Filmmaker, Pamela Green, spoke to us this week over the phone from Los Angeles to discuss her new documentary - Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blache. As director, producer, and writer, Pamela became well aware of the legacy and awe-inspiring work of the "first woman studio head." The discussion ranged from Alice's rise to cinematic prominence at the begining of the medium to Pamela's inspiriation for the project. The film is currently available via video-on-demand.

Artists Tino Ortega and Diego Martinez opened Galeria Lincoln earlier this year, right before the global pandemic occurred.  Despite the challenges, these two are showing us what a little imagination can do. 

Here to talk about the goings on at the gallery is Diego Martinez.

This is the third segment artist Pilo record for State of the Arts about the same art show.

It’s important we follow his journey, because as the world turns, so does Pilo and his Futuro Dos art show.

Michelle Schaefer is a vegan freelance writer whose work has been featured in VegNews, USA Today, Edible Indy, Main Street Vegan and more. She is a staff writer at bUneke magazine and holds a BA in Writing, a Master's in Psychology, and is a certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator. Greg, Liz and Tom talk with Michelle about the impact of the pandemic on veganism, and body image positivity and how it relates to veganism.