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The COVID-19 pandemic has closed most theatres across the country for months. With a better understanding of safety precautions, many movie theatres have started to open again. Robert Saucedo of Triple Tap Ventures, franchisee owner of Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, spoke about how our local Alamo Drafthouse plans to reopen and expand with a new Eastside location currently under construction. With a strong emphasis on safety, this reopening is one step closer towards cinephile normalcy. 

Author Victoria Riskin comes from a family of Hollywood royalty - her mother, Fay Wray, starred in the original King Kong and her father, Robert Riskin, was an Academy-Award winning screenwriter. She spoke to us from Los Angeles to discuss her book Fay Wray and Robert Riskin: A Hollywood Memoir. From her parents' upbringing to their prestigious careers there was much to discuss about her recently released biography.

El Paso playwright Megan O’Toole-Pitts is about to release No Más, an original radio play which will be available on several platforms including Anchor, Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts or online at nomasep.com.

Inspired by true events, the drama tells the story of Carmelita Torres and the 1917 Bath Riots.

El Pasoan Ali Dipp spent this summer creating Work Project, a digital platform for Southwestern self-representation. Dipp’s work is funded by Royce Fellowship, a program at Brown University that awards grants to approximately 20 undergraduates each summer to design and carry out independent research and study projects across the U.S. and around the world.

Information is available at ourworkproject.org.

The Fund for Ethical Practices of Transborder Art came about on the occasion of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Border Tuner | Sintonizador Fronterizo and responds to the need to give voice and visibility to transborder projects that emerge on the border, produced by border artists living in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and El Paso, Texas. 

Kerry Doyle from the Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts at the University of Texas at El Paso provides the details.

Deana Ortega is a single mom who has jammed her way around the roller derby circuit for the past 12 years. Having overcome addiction, negotiated difficult relationships, and endured numerous traumatic losses within her family, she has survived against the odds to become a successful derby captain, triathlete, and hairstylist.

Hailing from El Paso, Texas, she is the author of Forget Soldadera: A Book of Personal Poetry.

With a whole slew of questions posted on Facebook, the Good to Grow trio answered some of those posted. With an emphasis on soil content, fertalization, and the best time to work on your plants, there were plenty of questions answered to keep your garden good to grow!

COVID-19 has unfortunately changed the way we go about our day, however with more time at home, it is the perfect time to take on vegetable gardening! Denise, Jan, and John spoke on a variety of ways to safely and successfully get started on growing your own delicious and homegrown veggies. 

 Frequent On Film contributor, Felipa Solis, joined in this week to review and discuss two streaming selections: Radioactive starring Rosamund Pike and Ron Howard’s new documentary, Rebuilding Paradise. Radioactive is a bio-pic of the life and scientific discoveries of Marie Curie. Despite her uphill battles fighting sexism within the early 1900s scientific field, Radioactive explores her successes as she revolutionized the scientific world and won two Nobel Prizes. Rebuilding Paradise is a human-interest documentary that explores the community of Paradise, California as they rebuild their town after a wildfire devastates their community to ash.


In an interview recorded at the 2013 Plaza Classic Film Festival, Charles talks with the legendary actress Rita Moreno.  Rita took dancing lessons at the age of 5, started an early performing career dancing in night clubs and playing a character in a radio serial.  She talks about her discovery by a Hollywood talent scout at a dancing recital, and why she spent her early days in Hollywood trying to be somebody she wasn't.  She eventually landed a groundbreaking role in the 1961 film adaptation of "West Side Story."

Little Girl at Walmart Memorial
Angela Kocherga / KTEP News

KTEP's Angela Kocherga hosts an hour special marking the first anniversary of the August 3rd mass shooting. Stories focus on remembering  lives lost and include a remarkable reunion of survivors who have not seen each other since that day. Also a look at how El Paso has demonstrated resilience time and time again, an update on the criminal case and what the mass shooting might mean for the presidential election. We check in with mental health counselor Celeste Nevarez about coping with trauma.

Every generation has its small quirks, and Millennials have made a knack for indoor planting. On this episode, Denise and Jan speak on this decorative new phenomenon and the best ways to grow healthy and beautiful plants all without going outside. 

Warmer weather means the possibility to plant new vegetables. Denise and Jan spoke this week on the best way to grow tomatoes for the upcoming spring season. With great tips and tricks, growing hearty tomatoes this season will be a breeze. 

For this week's episode, Denise and Jan sat down to discuss upcoming gardening events in El Paso, and how to deal with the emergence of those pesky weeds! By understanding how weeds spread and grow, we can better understand how to prevent them and react to them properly when they do sprout up.

As movie theatres are shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cinephiles have found new ways to explore the films they love. Former El Pasoan Jack Fields started the Quarantine Theatre Company as a new way to continue his love of movies with his friends. Now with growing attention and membership, this script reading Zoom group has been a new and exciting venture for Fields. With new scripts and live streams weekly, the small group has found light in the slow production gloom of the current pandemic. 

The Resilience Art Project, or RAP, is designed to stimulate dialogue and promote tolerance and cross-cultural collaboration to heal from adversity.

Art heals, and the intent is that RAP becomes a tool for capacity building that fosters self-expression, while empowering individuals to cope and grow regardless of what they are facing.

The Museums and Cultural Affairs Department is seeking local artwork for public areas of municipal buildings as part of the 2020 Artwork Purchase Program. They are looking for completed paintings, drawings, photographs and mixed media work that represents the artistic talent and cultural diversity of El Paso.

Interested artists must fill out an online application at  https://www.publicartist.org/call.cfm?id=2961. Deadline to submit entries is before 1:00 pm on July 28, 2020.

Film archivist, Dennis Doros, streamed in this week to discuss the 30 years of his film archiving and distributing company – Milestone Films. With an emphasis on releasing hard to access films, Milestone Films has made a name amongst the archivist community as a company heralded for its quality and unique selection. Doros also spoke about the focus on restoring and releasing inclusive films and the anticipation of the Association of Moving Image Archivists' annual conference set to safely occur in El Paso once the threat of COVID-19 has been extinguished.

UTEP Professor of Music, Charles Leinberger, called in to discuss the untimely and unfortunate passing of movie music phenom, Ennio Morricone. Morricone's career was one of impressive musical depth that spanned decades of filmmaking. Dr. Leinberger shared his experience of personally interviewing the former trumpeter turned composer as well as analyzing some key works of his. Morricone passed away on July 6, 2020 at the age of 91.

Larry Lesser, an award-winning educator and songwriter, released his 2020 album (https://larrylesser.com/sparks) of original songs grounded in Jewish text and values with universal lessons for these times of polarization and prejudice. 

He joins Marina Monsisvais for a conversation about music and inspiration in these pandemic times.

The Moment App is a digital reminder that our days are limited. It helps to remind you that reflecting on life and mortality helps you stay mindful of the present.

The idea is not to instill a sense of depression, but to liberate and encourage us to live the life we truly want. More information is available at www.life-time-app.com.

Borderless Spaces is a real (and virtual) exhibit which highlights El Paso artists. It is made possible through a collaboration with Viztudio, an architecture studio from Mexico City and local gallery Flor de Barro.

This exhibit uses 3D scanning technology to connect El Paso artists to a global audience.

Beanalog Recording Studio is a creative space for our local music enthusiasts and musicians to create music.

They recently opened their doors and here to talk about it are Luisa Navarro, Barry Anderson and Ray Mendoza.

The Weekend - Darron Spencer

Jul 10, 2020

Host Louie Saenz welcomes author and former law enforcement officer Darron Spencer to discuss his new book, Humane Policing.

Polling Place Vote Here Sign
Angela Kocherga / KTEP News

EL PASO -- El Paso County election administrators have precautions in place at polling places to protect voters health amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Every election has its own challenges,” Wise said. “This has definitely been probably the most challenging on the logistical side of just making sure that we have enough supplies on things we normally wouldn’t supply,”said Lisa Wise,  El Paso elections administrator.