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Beth Novey

Beth Novey is a producer for NPR's Arts, Books & Culture desk. She creates and edits web features, plans multimedia projects, and coordinates the web presence for Fresh Air and Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!

She is the co-creator of the Arts Desk's signature curatorial projects — the podcast recommendation site earbud.fm, the annual Book Concierge, and the book-TV-movie guide Read, Watch, Binge. Beth has written career advice for "female" hurricanes, cataloged miserable ways to run a mile, explained why she might be your "secret" Facebook name ... and once convinced David Greene and Nina Totenberg to make a shot-for-shot remake of a dance scene in Love Actually.

Beth got her start at NPR as an intern for Radio Expeditions in 2005. She later served as the web producer for Talk of the Nation, Fresh Air, This I Believe, Climate Connections and My Cancer.

She is a native of Baltimore, a graduate of Harvard University, and a right wing on her ice hockey team.

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Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney are literally the couple that met at the copy machine. They attended business events, went out to lunch, and from there, "we started sharing about our lives," Brian says. He was an illustrator, she was a writer, and "We thought, wow, we could really do some amazing things together."

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