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New Mix: Deerhunter, Andrew Bird, Tomberlin, Bokanté + Metropole Orkest, More

Nov 6, 2018

As voters head to the polls today, we hear from artists whose music speaks to our current political and cultural moment. Deerhunter is back with "Death In Midsummer," a song that finds frontman Bradford Cox questioning the point of anything in an upside down world. Andrew Bird, meanwhile, croons a song of discontent that draws comparisons between 2018 America and the Spanish Civil War from the 1930s.

Also on the show: Singer Andy Shauf, known for his profound storytelling and intimate song craft, goes big with a newly formed band of childhood friends called Foxwarren; The international music ensemble Bokanté joins Metropole Orkest in making music "a voice for the voiceless;" The singer known as Tomberlin longs for a sense of security and belonging on her debut album At Weddings; The Boston-based band Alexander soundtracks the self-loathing and distorted thinking of mental illness; And Vancouver's Ian William Craig makes sounds that seem as though they were recorded in a strange, unknown dimension, using only a reel-to-reel tape machine and his voice.

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